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Post Posted December 13th, 2003, 3:11 pm


At home we have a windows xp machine with 4 different users. We all use like to use different programs for all kinds of stuff, but on one thing we do agree: we all use mozilla thunderbird as mail client. Now, the problem is: we share one mail box (that contains several e-mail addresses)and would like to see all mail that arrives. If i set the mail account on every user, the mail arrives correctly, but other users don't see the mail that for example arrived 5 minutes before at one of the other users and that possibly was addressed to them. What is wrong and is it possible to solve this problem?

Hope you guys can help me out...


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Post Posted December 13th, 2003, 3:36 pm

The simplest solution might be to configure your email so that it is not immediately removed from the server when its read. That should let each user get thier own downloaded copy of the message regardless of whether somebody else already read it. You can do this with POP, though it works best with IMAP.

Another possibility would be to use message filters to automaticly move every incoming message in a shared local folder (which everybody reads instead of the inbox). You could do that whether they share the same profile or not.


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Post Posted December 13th, 2003, 7:03 pm

Another possibility is to 'move' (or copy) the email folder(s) from a profile, to a more available area on the HD, then change all of the users profiles to point to that area for the mail folder(s).

To change the users profiles, open the user.js files for each user and change the line that reads:
user_pref("", "C:\\< PATH_TO_MAIL_FOR_EACH_USER");
user_pref("", "C:\\<COMMON_PATH_TO_MAIL_FOLDER");
Syntax and punctuation are very important, as are the double \\'s .

Or just point the other users to your profile! That way you only have to 'copy and paste' the
user_pref("", "C:\\< PATH_TO_MAIL_FOR_EACH_USER");
to each users user./js file.

I prefer to have my mail out of the profiles just in case I need to update the profiles ,and accidentally delete the mail ( yep it has happened).

This will allow all users to see the same email, and once downloaded from server, is available to next user regardless if time frame they got to the machine.
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Post Posted December 14th, 2003, 3:21 am

Thank you tanstaafl & couldabeen.

I opted for the couldabeen-solution and it works perfect,
Just what I needed,

Big up and thank you very much


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