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We're developing a site which will end up having many small flash files on one of its pages (there's no way around that). We've set up two identical test pages where one page has a total of 14 of these small flash files (all are the same with a different parameter passed) and another page which has 21 of the same flash files.

On Internet Explorer it works GREAT regardless of the number of flash files. In Firefox (latest version and latest version of Flash -- although same problem with older version of flash), the first page with 14 files, works great. The second page with 21 files we get VERY ERATIC behavior of the Flash files. The audio in particular gets cut off in the middle of playing, the page never seems to finish loading (or takes a very long time) and there's a huge delay clicking from flash file to flash file.

Anyone has any suggestions or thoughts about how to resolve? I will try and post a public sample test of this situation ASAP, I know its hard to diagnose without actually seeing the issue.


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An early alpha version of the site is up. To reproduce the problem, go to: .

Pick 15 words from the scrolldown and TEST ME from any list (or add your own words). Any ideas?

I've found the problem on Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070725 Firefox/
It works great on IE6, IE7, & Safari.

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