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Post Posted December 18th, 2003, 1:54 pm

When I try to work in TB off line, every time I click on a message (inbox
is selected for download), I see the message but I also get a dialog saying
that the mail server is not available.

I would to tell TB that I am working offline, that it should stop trying to
communicate with mail servers, and that the default "send" action should
be "send later".

When I switch back to on-line mode, I would like to be notified if I have
any unsent messages waiting to be sent.

Is this possible today? Is it planned for a future release?


John Liebson
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Post Posted December 18th, 2003, 2:15 pm

Take a look at . I don't know if it is what you want, as I don't use it, I only know that it exists.


Post Posted December 18th, 2003, 4:59 pm

Thanks! Once I figured out how to install the XPI files fro TB, it worked great.

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