blank backgrounds in both Firefox and IE

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When was the last time you ran Disk Cleanup; Start > All Programs > Accessories > Disk Cleanup, also when was the last time you defragmented your hard drive, You can use the default utility in Accessories, or you can download some which do not favour Microsoft's programs over the ones you use most, such as Auslogic disk defrag, or JkDefrag.

It sounds like something can't find what is needed, if you clean up then you can begin to eliminate other possible causes such as bad sectors, faulty ram and the like.


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Did you also check the Appearances tab? Control Panel > Display: Appearance > Advanced

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Make sure that "High Contrast" is not enabled in XP's accessibility options:
Control Panel > Accessibility Options > Display
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That was the fix, in accessibility option, took off the high contrast and now it is working in both firefox and ie. Many thanks to all that offered help!!

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