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Ok well the stile looks strange but look here <a href="">here</a>
They are charging for it and, it seems to me, that that is blatant copyright infringement even though it is open-source it still is protected by some laws so could someone tell me if it is or isn't because it is not right to charge for free software.


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It's been reported before. What they are charging for is support. Although I doubt you get much of that for your $10
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From the sites FAQ:

I thought the software was free. Why am I being asked to pay?
The software is free. You are paying for the online help and support and the online tutorials for the lifetime of the membership.


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Fortunately for those of us who've been using Firefox for years are wise to the scam. I went as far as the entering my credit card number screen before I came to my senses. At first I thought Mozilla had changed its mandate and was getting into the for profit business; but nah - I came here and confirmed my suspicions were correct - it is a scam no matter how they bill it - support, "free" updates, and plug-ins - wow! I'm sure there must be a way to stop that activity. They are charging the unsuspecting customer for something which by its very nature is free! And exactly what IS 2008 Firefox? Is this v3 which is still in beta? :-s

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And what is 2008 Firefox

Didn't download it but I suspect it is one of the 2.0.0.x versions. I would not be surprised if it WAS
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The footer on the main page.
This website has no affiliation whatsoever with the owner of this software program, and provides ONLY a link to the software program.
Copyright 2005, All rights reserved.
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Went to the download page and they ask you for your email address so they can send you the download instructions and lots of spam no doubt!
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I just saw a google sponsored link for this when I was searching for mozillazine. Wasn't fooled, but it was at the top and got my attention. I'm surprised they won't add it to the google list of scam sites. For one thing, I'm pretty sure the site is in violation of the trademark usage rights for firefox. Firefox source code is free, but the trademark (name/logo) isn't.


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The main discussion about this issue is HERE....
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