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Post Posted February 25th, 2004, 6:57 am ... itical.htm

His main points:

1. Spam handling not as good as Outlook 2003 (60% vs. 100%)
2. Filters on a NNTP server don't get saved/applied as they should
3. Renaming a newsgroup is accepted by the application but doesn't take effect
4. Quick toggle of text and html when viewing messages (similar to Firefox PrefButtons)
5. Startup time vs. Outlook Express
6. Integrate address book with machine address book (KAddressBook, WinFS Address Book, etc.)
7. Use the newsgroup search to go to google groups as well and not just the local newsgroups

My responses:
1. I have no experience with either, but I have heard of Outlook 2003 taking real email and moving it to junk when it isn't really. This seems like a "personal problem."
2. Is there a bug for this? Is it verified?
3. Is there a bug for this? Is it verified?
4. This sounds like it could be done with extensions the way the PrefButtons work in Firefox, right?
5. Toughy
6. I would prefer not to have this "feature". Worms use those addressbooks to spam people...I don't want my info stored there. The option might be useful and the ability to easily import from those sources.
7. This sounds like a google toolbar add-on, right? I'm not sure how to integrate it or if TB is really the right place for it. Seems like this is better implemented using the FX google toolbar when the TB and FX applications get integrated.

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Post Posted February 25th, 2004, 8:32 am

Filters have all the functionality in place, but the UI is missing. See fore example

He also complained about the toolbar missing some feature like a toggle html/text button. I think he has a point. I think at some point I filed a bug requiring more (optional) buttons to be added but I was told the goal was to keep it single. But my point is: what is the point of advertising a customizable toolbar if you don't provide options to customize it?

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Post Posted February 25th, 2004, 3:25 pm

re: 3. <a href="">Bug #207861</a>

Here are my pet peeves:
1) ROT-13 not implemented yet (Bug #66822)
2) No single-click option for killfiling (Bug #10097)
3) No graphical display for incoming mail priority (Bug #113675)
4) TB doesn't display attachments until you open the email (Bug #199979)

I think especially #3 and #4 ought to be worked on, #1 can be helped through extensions and there is a way to killfile somone already, but it is a little complicated imho

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Post Posted February 25th, 2004, 4:19 pm

My opinion:

1. Ability to open .eml files. Thunderbird can save as .eml, but not open saved messages
2. Bug 30057: Use one local mail tree for all pop3 accounts
3. The features of the extension from this thread should be part of Thunderbird itself
4. MScott's "Work Offline" extension should be part of TB itself

I don't think, that these features would blows up TB. I am sure, some people will post, that they don't need and want not see these features.

But, I think, a mail client needs some main features, all features realized by extensions is bad, so I am depend from third party developer, because most extensions need an update, to work with newer builds of TB.

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Post Posted February 27th, 2004, 3:22 am

Spam filters really don't seem to be working. In TB 0.1-0.3 I used to see lots of spam being marked, but 0.4/0.5 I keep marking manually and the adaptive filters don't seem to work so great.

Secondly, when my IMAP server times out, TB hangs while quitting... workaround - d/l the offline extension and go offline and then exit.

Thirdly, grouping of messages by sender, date, etc. a la Outlook I just want to know who sent me new mail. Or just see the mail for the 22nd.

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