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Post Posted May 22nd, 2004, 2:03 pm

As most of you are probably already aware, along with the release of the Firefox 0.9 milestone, a new website for extensions and themes, <a href=""></a> is being launched.

For Firefox, the plan is to only list extensions/themes on the site that work on Firefox 0.9. Which means only the ones that are packaged for the new extension manager, and work properly with it.

For extension developers, to get the extension listed on this site for launch, you'll need to inform us of the fact that you're extension has been updated.

Probably the best way to notify the Mozilla Update developers, is to comment on <a href="">Bug 244381</a>.

When you comment, please provide us with the following:
Author Name / E-Mail where you can be reached (for your Mozilla Update account)
If there's more than one author/e-mail, you can include more than one.
Extension's name /Version
Homepage URL
URL to the updated XPI (JAR for themes)
For Extensions that include compiled code, what OS it's intended for. (MacOSX, Linux, Windows, etc)
Target Application Versions (from the extension install manifest)
Let me explain that last one, since it's a bit confusing and new, the Firefox install.rdf manifest requires a Minimum Version and Maximum Version your extension works with, all extensions being submitted for Firefox should have a Max Version of 0.9, the Minimum Version is whatever the lowest version your extension works with. They can be the same. Also, if your XPI works with Mozilla Suite or Mozilla Thunderbird in addition to Firefox, specify that, along with the Minimum/Maximum version for that application.

If anybody has any questions, let me know..
-- Wolf
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Post Posted June 16th, 2004, 10:52 pm

Follow ups split off. This request will hold true for a week or two.
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