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I registered here to voice my complaint. It has been a while since the last post here, but I still don't think Firefox should initiate virus scanning on its own and I don't think Firefox should try to emulate IE at all.

Given that any virus scanner Microsoft recommends already includes real-time disk scanning:

Firefox 2 and no virus scanner: no scan
Firefox 3 and no virus scanner: no scan
Firefox 2 and a virus scanner: one scan
Firefox 3 and a virus scanner: two scans

The antivirus feature is redundant and contributes to bloat, though it is nice to know that security is still a concern and people are putting effort into protecting the most simple end user. I had switched back to Firefox 2 as the scanning was driving me nuts, it took nearly 6 seconds even on a small jpeg and even longer (and sometimes crashed) if multiple files ended at the same time. Now that I can turn it off in about:config I have switched back.

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I think this feature is great. Yes, it would be nice if it didn't double scan when you have a always active antivirus running, but there is no way to detect that. My computers aren't even close to powerful enough to run an always scanning antivirus, but Firefox scanning downloads saves me the trouble of scanning them manually.

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I was totally unable to do any of test against this so called "feature" because it blocked all of them.

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I'm pretty sure this works:


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Months old thread here. Locking.
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