How to compare two Thunderbird folders?

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I have two folders in my Thunderbird with nearly the same content. Is there an addon or an integrated function to compare two folders or even better to create a new folder wich includes the differences?




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One way to achieve a similar sort of effect, would be to combine the Folders together, or make them subfolders of the same folder, then use one of these Extensions, to Eliminate all the Duplicates
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But when I eliminate duplicates, only one of the two duplicates would be deleted, or not?

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OK, I tried it in a test environment and it was working:
I created a folder "both" and created the subfolders "1" and "2". I copied the content of one of my folders (200 mails) into both folders ("1" and "2") and ran "Remove Duplicate Messages..." on the "both" folder. He found all duplicates and I was able to delete them. Fine!

But then I tried to use it like this:
I have a backup of one of my folders, let's call it "uncut" and I have the folder "cut". The folder "uncut" includes all mails which are also included in "cut". Some of the mails which exist in "uncut" where deleted from the "cut" folder. I want to know, which mails have been deleted from the "cut" folder. So I created another "both" folder and copied "cut" and "uncut" to it. When I run "Remove Duplicate Messages..." on the "both" folder, no mails are found. Any ideas why this happens? When I open mails of both folders and compare them manually, they look total identically.



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You can try the mboximport extension, export index of the folders you want to compare, then run compare using eg. notepad++ (Plugins > Compare).


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Although this is a decade old I found it and it was helpful. But here is what i did also on it.

- Thunderbird 60.9.0 (64-bit) macos
- Thunderbird 68.0 (32-bit) windows 8

-folderA - 1000 messages
-folderB - 2000 messages
-you want the 100 messages not in folderA that are in folderB

Here's how i did it.
- copy all messages from folderA and folderB put them in folderC
- download and install the following extension ... uplicates/
- second mouse button click on folderC and then remove duplicate messages
- you'll see the results of the message and the duplciates
- click "All Delete"
- click "Delete Selected"

the result will give you only the messages not in folderA.
- Copy those messages to folderA.

note: for macOS users
- I'm on a macOS
- i used http to download windows VM image to install the and run thunderbird for windows
- then i transferred the macOS thunderbird folder profile contents in the library to the windows directory where the thunderbird profile resides
- it loaded on windows just fine and processed with no effort.
- then i did the above.

hope it helps any macOS or windowsOS users that had this same issue of thunderbird not copying all the emails over.


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Once again...
Please don't bump these very old threads.

Locking due to old age...
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Thank you, but after 10 years with no activity, this doesn't seem to be a very common issue. Locking this thread due to the age of the original posts.

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