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System Info:
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Firefox 3.0.6

I have Googled this for hours, and all that turns up are a bunch of Ubuntu bugs reports, and posts of others having the same problem, but no solution. My apologies in advance if the solution is posted somewhere and I simply can't find it.

I am attempting to access a page that uses an invalid security certificate. I get the expected Invalid Certificate warning message, then click Add Exception >> Get Certificate >> Confirm Security Exception. Everything seems to be going OK until the last click. The Confirm Security Exception button does absolutely nothing. The dialog box stays up, and the screen does not change. When I close the dialog box and refresh my page, I still get the same warning.

Here is a brief 1 minute youtube video of the problem:

How do I get to my page?? Any help will be greatly appreciated. The URL of the page I am attempting to access is, but the same behavior can be observed for any page that uses an invalid certificate.

Note that I have disabled ALL my add-ons since I know they can sometimes cause strange behavior. This did not help.

- Bill


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Try deleting the cert_override.txt and cert8.db from your profile folder. Then restart Firefox.
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You're a genius. Thank you so much. *Problem solved.*

(Note that cert_override.txt did not exist, so I just deleted cert8.db.)



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