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How to Set-Up Thunderbird 1.5 Mail to receive AOL Mail.......

From Drop-Down Menu...

"Tools" > "Account Settings" > "Add Account"....

"Email Account" > Press "Next"....

Type in...
Your name, as you want it to be displayed..
Your Return Email Address..
> Press "Next"....

Type in the correct of the following server address for your country. (For AOL in the USA) (For AOL in the United Kingdom)
(Other Countries IMAP Servers are listed below)

If you select to use SSL, change port to 993. Otherwise leave as automatically set.

> Press "Next"

Type in your "User Name".. > Press "Next"

Give this account a name, by typing it in. > Press "Next"

Do not check mail yet..


Go back into Account Settings...

Select "Outgoing Server (SMTP) settings"....
> Press "Advanced"
> Press "Add"

Change the Port Number to > "587" (or 465 if you have chosen SSL)
Type in your "User Name" where it asks
Where it asks for "Server name", type in the correct AOL SMTP server name for your country.

SMTP (For AOL in USA) ( For AOL in UK)
(other countries -See below)
> Press "OK".

Whilst still in Account settings, Select "AOL-Server Settings" (NOT Outgoing Server), Select "Advanced"...

Press the "SMTP" tab...

Press the drop-down menu selector next to your SMTP server, and Select your Aol smtp 587 Server.

But, first enter AOL Copies and Settings. Either “turn off” “Save copies of sent to”, or change the destination to Local folders, but make sure your destination folder is NOT in an IMAP or AOL account. Do the same with “Drafts” and “Templates” folders, ensuring the destination is NOT in an IMAP or AOL folder. I leave the “Show confirmation Dialogue when messages are saved” off.

Hey-presto, you should be all set up...

Here are the Servers

Country/Region IMAP e-mail server SMTP e-mail server









(United Kingdom)


Don't forget to change your SMTP Port Number to 587

For information on using Outlook with AOL, go to AOL and use AOL Keyword AOL Open Mail.

Or on Knowlege Base

Hope this helps...

Ralph :-)
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Can Somebody put a Sticky on this post?

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I don't think I understand how Mozilla handles attachments. I setup my AOL mail as per the instructions, and it works great. However, why does Tunderbird have to download all of the attachments once, and then again when I click save as. Aren't the files already on my computer. I would have expected it to have just been a simple file copy procedure. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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When I send a message, the "copying message to sent folder" box just hangs there. It never goes away, even after the message has been copied. The only way to get rid of it is to cancel it and delete the message form. It's been sent already, so deleting it doesn't hurt, but it's annoying to have to do it.


PS....Never mind. That'll teach me to look closer at the readme. Duh, local folders anyone?


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Thanks for this. It won't get stickied because we tend to have minimal stickies here. Sorry.

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