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just installed thunderbird mail.Is there any way to use the stationery created in Outlook express..

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you have to create new mail. Then click on Format:> Scroll down to Page Colors And Backgrounds and click on it:> A box will come up so now just click on the button that says "Choose File":> Now another box pops up to locate Stationery that Outlook express uses or ones that you have downloaded. Click on the Down arrow in "LOOK IN" and select My computer and Select your C drive. goto this folder:> C:\Programs Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Stationery
Thats it. Download all your stationery to that folder if you do any downloading.

Just wish there was a stationery button for Thunderbird that would make it easier to select your stationery. Maybe they will put one in.


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Hey, thank you very much, I am a fairly new user to TB and really like it, but missed the stationary some times.

Naddie \:D/

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IMHO, this is the weak point of Thunderbird at this point, the lack of an easy stationary. It would be nice if a "default" template to use for all new e-mails was possible. And by stationary, I mean the templates, not the background graphics.

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Thunderbird stationery How to Make Templates to use as Stationery:>>

Choose The Template Folder before starting

1. Make a new message. Add whatever text and formatting that you want to appear in the template. Now click on the Format>scroll to Page colors and Background and click on it. > Locate your background (stationery file) OE usually had it here
c:\programs files\Common files\Microsoft shared\Stationery Click on your stationery. Add the name of the stationery to the Subject line so you can find your stationery in the template folder.

2. Then go File | Save as | Template. The message you just created will now be saved as a template in your Templates folder.

3. To use this template as the basis for a new mail message, select the Templates folder and then double-click on the template you just saved there.
You can now change the Subject line to what it is that your email pertains to. Add your contact person. click in the writing area to start typing.

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Thanks for help on stationery. Wondering if anyone had a quick fix -- or if I was missing a step.

- When I use OE stationery as described, the program tiles the image in my background. (I have a lot of stationery with one gif or image).

Got around that by making up an email with a plain "insert image", sent it to myself, and then saved as a template. BUT .. all the formatting on text size, font, and color was lost.

ANYONE BRILLIANT KNOW... how to retain text formatting and not tile images?

Thanks for any clues. Can reply here, or please, also directly to:

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As for the background image, here is what you do...

Open a New Message
Click on Format
Click on Page Colors & Background
Insert your Background File Name
Click where it says "advanced edit",
Click on the tab that says "In Line Style"
In the "property" blank type in "background-repeat"
In the value field type in "no-repeat"
To center it in the middle of the message: type in property "-x-background-x-position", type in value, "center" and property"-x-background-y-position" and value "center"

You should now have three lines in this window.

Click "ok".
Click "ok".

Now the background should repeat once. You can then edit your text as you like for either paragraph or body text. Then be sure to save your template. (File-Save As-Template).

Or, to permanently use the same text for all your e-mails change them in options.

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To VictoriaWinters -- thanks so much -- I'll try that -- sounds good.

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victoriawinters wrote: To center it in the middle of the message: type in property "-x-background-x-position", type in value, "center" and property"-x-background-y-position" and value "center"

The centering doesn't work with my Version the picture is always in the upper left.

I use M$ XP pro and Thunderbird 0.8 build nightly/2004-09-21-11-trunk
It also didn't worked before with the "official release" from the main webpage

Thanks for help,

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To center the image in the email:

Instead of using "-x-background-x-position" and "-x-background-y-position" try the following:


and the possible values:

top left
top center
top right
center left
center center
center right
bottom left
bottom center
bottom right
x-% y-%
x-pos y-pos

Using the value "center center" you'll get the desired effect.

For more info about the possible propperties allowed with the BODY tag just read the W3C info: ... background


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to the experts, i still have tropubles with de standard background. I think this is what you call stationary

With the reply's given allready i am able to get my background inserted to my new message.
The background (stationary) however is not as big as the message field. Now i can tile it so i see the jpg file i use as the background 4 or 6 times, ore just see it 1 time in the upper left corner.

Also, the text i type starts to far to the left en top. So far i dont know how to align the text with the background i use.

And last but not least (yes sorry, i'm very new to TB) i saved a stationary as a template ( the way xtrsports explains) But when doing so, i simply can't find it anywhere. I dont see a templates folder or whatsoever

Therefor, hopefully someone can explain me the following:

1) How can i extract my background so it will fit full page?
2) How can i set the alligment of the text so that it fits in te background i use
3) When saved, how can i set Thunderbird that it will use my background (stationary) as the default one?

Thanks to all the experst,



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Post Posted November 20th, 2004, 6:48 am

I used to use HTML templates in IE6. Most of them were blank forms that I could fill in for each new e-Mail. It seems that this is not possible in Thunderbird. I have followed the advice in this thread, and found that although it is spot on for image files (GIFs) it results in a blank page when I try to point to an HTML template.

Is it possible to set up HTML templates? If so please tell me how. Also, does anyone know the link to the Thunderbird "wish list"

All help is much appreciated


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Hey, I think I've sorted it.
I opened ny previous e-Mail client,IE6, the sent myself a blank e-Mail using each of my templates. I used the subject line to give each one the name of the template. Closed IE6 and returned to Thunderbird. When I received the formatted e-mails I saved them as templates. Now when I look in my template folder there they all are, with their correct names. Job done.

There is still the question about the wish list though. I know it's around somewhere. Just don't know where. Any offers?

another BigAl


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Another part of this problem is that when you try to reply to a sender that has send a message using stationary. The stationary the sender used is not preserved in the reply email. I was able to work around this in TB 0.7 but not in 0.8 I think most users dont want this feature and would prefer to send and recieve in text. But i think this is where an extension is needed, both to handle the points in the above posts as well as the reply using senders background or stationary.
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Maybe we should propose adding a template section to so that users can share their mail templates

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