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I'll add my own experience to those lsited above. After importing an archive of stored e-mails from Eudora, I can't read any of those imported because they are obscured with all the (apparent) html formatting codes. Very fruistrating. My choices seem to be to either return to Eudora or switch to T-Bird and abandon my resource of saved e-mails HELP!

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I had a similar problem and tried what was recommended above, but still did not work. What fixed this thing for me in addtition to the above setting is configuring the proxy in the tools...options...advanced.. My problem is now resolved.

Hope this this works for you too


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I have the same problem, but i change the settings and work!!!!!!!
I thing that is the proxy before i checked

Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection
(x) Direct Connect to Internet (in these moment loaded messages, but no the images)

but, when in my net i have a proxy, i changed the settings
Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection
( ) Direct Connect to Internet
(x) Manual Proxy Configuration (right now load the messages and images in HTML format)

sorry, for my english

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Post Posted November 27th, 2005, 10:48 am

I upgraded to Thunderbird 1.5 RC from 1.0.6 and now cannot see any images in my HTML messages. I've tried everything listed on this thread and then some but still cannot see images. The only thing that worked was reverting back to 1.0.6. This seems to be a very serious issue that will stop people from upgrading if it is not fixed soon.


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Post Posted November 27th, 2005, 5:39 pm

1.5RC1 is still a test version of Thunderbird. 1.0.7 is the current full version. Rather than pulling up a topic from a year and a half ago, you would do better to post in the Thunderbird Builds forum where problems with the test builds are discussed.

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hansen wrote:View > Message Body As > Original HTML

Many THANKS! I was going crazy with my emails displaying original HTML as plain text, and no images at all, since I was searching in vain into the "Options".

Help appreciated.

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I solved my problem by specifying the 'manual proxy configuration' in TOOLS/GENERAL/CONNECTION SETTING. It previously had been set as 'direct connection to the internet'. I had same problem for email of not being able to see the HTLM graphics - just a little box with a green or red dot. This went on for months until I saw the solutions here. Thanks!


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Nice for you, but no reason to kick a topic that is nearly a year old.

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