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I just upgraded to PaperPort 12 Standard in hopes that I would be able to set up the "send to" bar to use Thunderbird to email documents directly from PaperPort. WRONG!! It won't work! I even contacted Nuance tech support and they told me that the only email programs supported are Outlook and Outlook Express. WTH?!??!!!?? :evil: ](*,)

I've read over all of the posts about writing an AutoIt script and having the send to bar point to that...but how does a non-tech person do that? And do you have to go to the trouble of saving the file to a certain place each time you want to email from PaperPort?? If so, why even bother? It's just as easy to save it to my desktop and attach the file that way.

I don't want to have to use the MS programs, as my former IT guy (I work from home on a p.r.n. basis for my old boss) is trying to phase out the use of MS Office programs.

Any new info in the last couple of years on this problem??? If it's not going to work, I'm going to get my $$ back from the upgrade (I believe I have 30 days), as I have PaperPort Pro Office 9 on CD and can reinstall and use that for free. :)


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Get your money back. They have it coded to only use Outlook or OE and it's up to them to change that.

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