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Id like to write a firefox extension in c++, is this possible? I cant find any info regarding this, please let me know of any samples or documents describing this.. thanks.

Giorgio Maone

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The GUI and integration part of an extension (let's call it the "glue") is always written in JavaScript/XUL. But your JavaScript code can <b>execute external applications</b> written in C++ using <b>nsIProcess</b> API (that's what my <a href="" target="_blank">FlashGot extension</a> does, for instance).

An harder but more extensible approach is packaging your C++ code as a <b>XPCOM component</b>, which is an object whose methods are directly callable by JavaScript (do you remember VBScript/MS COM?): take a look to

Hope it helps


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I've written a detailed tutorial about creating a C++ XPCOM component a while back:

The tutorial comes with source code that can be compiled and run both on Windows and Linux.

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