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What is triggering the Compact folder popup request window (in other words the one that asks you if you would like to compress forders)? Sometimes it comes up everytime I open TB although none of my folders have changed, some other times with no apparent reason. How can I control the behavior that seems to be just too... erratical.



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Go to File > Offline > Offline Settings, and check the box for
"Compact folders when it will save over ___ KB." Even if you
don't have offline support installed, you can have Thunderbird
compact your folders in this way by adding the following two
lines to the user.js file:
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/* Compact folder settings  - "xxx" value for kb */
user_pref("mail.prompt_purge_threshhold", true);
user_pref("mail.purge_threshhold", xxx); ... ng_Folders
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thanks for this answer!

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