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Post Posted October 13th, 2004, 9:34 pm

hehe, I remembered this very thread while at Best Buy deciding on a mouse last weekend...picked up Logitech MX510 (not a big fan of wireless meeses) knowing that I'd be able to map those buttons. =)

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Post Posted October 15th, 2004, 2:19 am

Good tips, thanks all.


Now the forward/back buttons do not work in the jpeg viewer. The MS jpeg viewer will work on the left and right arrow keys (without the Alt key).

My previous mouse, an MS intellimouse trackball worked on:

Windows Explorer
Jpeg viewer - actually MS's windows picture and fax viewer

Except for IE6 I really would have liked the mouse to work on the other 3 applications. Sigh!


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Post Posted October 30th, 2004, 3:43 am

Hmmmm, helson I share in your frustration. I am the owner of a dying MS Intellimouse Explorer (the first generation, it has served me well!) and need to replace it. has the cordless Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 (in different colors) brand new for as low as $20.00 each (!!!!!!), but having a rechargable mouse would be better.

So, I was thinking about getting the MX1000 but the keybinding issues is kinda turning me off :/ The weight might also be an issue, since I like to do photo editing. And while it claims to have responsiveness equal to "usb corded mice" (so says the page on this mouse), I have my doubts ...

Any other MX1000 users want to chime in on these concerns? Thank you!

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Post Posted October 31st, 2004, 3:51 am

OK, I managed to do it all.

I bind the forward and back keys to Alt-left and Alt-right.

Then I bind the cruise up/down (those little arrows just below and above the wheel) to Left and Right.

Now I'm happy with it.

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Post Posted November 29th, 2004, 12:56 pm

I think the "Back" function for logitech actually binded the BACKSPACE key on the keyboard which will also work as a "back" function in Windows and IE.. this function however does not appear to work in FF. I am not sure what Logitech actually binded for the forward function or why that didn't work, but the ALT+[arrow] method works throughout IE, FF and Windows


- Michael

using the LX 700

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Post Posted November 29th, 2004, 1:51 pm

1) Suicidal Zebra Posted:> Yet again, it appears the Logitech are making great hardware, just sucky software. It seems pretty foolish not to support firefox/mozilla considering that it has 10% of the market even though Opera (with 2-3%) is supported.

2) DaveLessnau Posted:> Since the default associations on those Back and Forward buttons work with other software, is this a bug with Firefox? Has anyone opened a bug report on Bugzilla (I can't find one, but I'm no expert)?

3) helson Posted:> Now the forward/back buttons do not work in the jpeg viewer. The MS jpeg viewer will work on the left and right arrow keys (without the Alt key).

1A) If there is a "crappy Logitech software" issue it appears that it is only this: Logitech may not be able to bind into as many "back" functions as MS can. Not surprising since MS wrote the Win OS.

It would appear that there are several "back" functions, only a few of which I have taken advantage of. Now due to this post and similar problems w/ my Logitech LX700 I am finding what I think to be the bigger picture. When the Logitech mouse is assigned the "back" function it appears that it is assigning the BACKSPACE key on the keyboard (which serves as a back function throughout much of Windows and browsers including IE) or something similar. This Backspace key function also appears to not be working in FF which would have been nice for them to include.

2A) If there is a FF bug it would be that: Support the backspace Key on the keyboard for a "back" function in the browser.

Other "back" functions appear to be ALT+arrow[left or right] and simply Arrow[Left or Right] (as used in the Jpeg viewer lastly quoted above). In doing a bit more research, between the MS and Logitech mouse (as I have both) it would appear that the MS mouse may support more than one "back" method:
BACKSPACE on keyboard, ALT+Left Arrow, Left Arrow.

3A) In answer to this last quote I included above as well as to answer some of the other problems mentioned in this post. It would appear that Logitech only has the capability to tie into ONLY ONE of the three "back" processes mentioned above and therefore is seemingly having issues in Firefox.


- Michael

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Post Posted December 10th, 2004, 7:31 pm

I ran into the same problem with Logitech's Cordless Click Plus Mouse. The solution that worked was:

1. Open the Setpoint software by clicking on the icon in the system tray.
2. Select the Mouse tab.
3. Under category 2 "Select Button", click on #7 from the top which should be the Forward button.
3. Under category 3, "Select Task", click on the "Other" radio button. A new button should appear next to it saying "Select Function".
4. Click on the "Select Funtion" button. A pull-down menue screen will appear.
5. Selec the "Generic Button" option. It should be the second from the top.

Repeat steps 1-5 for the "Back" button...#8 on the list (probably).

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Post Posted January 6th, 2005, 1:15 pm

Sorry to top this month old thread but i had the same problem and want to confirm that Xanadu's fix works perfectly!

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Post Posted January 6th, 2005, 10:47 pm

I too have just read and implemented X's solution.

Far superior to mine.

Thanks, Xanadu!

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Post Posted January 19th, 2005, 11:27 am

I use one of the Logitech Trackballs (can't remember which one) and refuse to use their software. For functionality I use the Microsoft Intellipoint software - once you've found the right mouse to select everything works fine!

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Post Posted February 4th, 2005, 6:03 am

Thanks!! This really helped. :)
I've been exasperated with my MX1000 till I found the solution here.


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Post Posted February 4th, 2005, 10:32 am

I hate to break it to Logitech, actually I love to break it to them, but they DID NOT release the first laser tracking mouse. Back in 1993, a friend of mine bought a laser mouse. I can't remember the name of it, but this was back when I was is middle school.

James wrote:Logitech Unveils the World´s First Laser Mouse. ... 89,crid=34 ... ENTID=9043 ... ,CRID=2090

Hmm it says it uses the SetPoint™ software so it may be like the workarounds for the MX900 Bluetooth?

Some suggested fixes I have seen to try:
Back/forward: bind the buttons to alt+left arrow and alt+right arrow.

Set back/forward and the wheel to "other - generic button"

Middle click: select 'Other' and bind 'Middle Click' to it.

You may have to update the SetPoint™ software if the one on cd is older.

Edit Update:

MX1000 and FireFox: Back and Forward Button Instructions ... D=10120848
* ... irefox.jpg

Logitech MX1000 Back and Forward buttons don't work with the program.

Edit 2: Image :)

Edit 3: *added a link for those who do not want to download attachment.

Edit 4: cleaned up abit for FASQ
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Post Posted February 25th, 2005, 11:49 pm

Alternate solution:
Add firefox.exe to the "Application Specific Settings" for the default "Forward" and "Back" actions in Logitech SetPoint. The advantage of this solution is that other "Application Specific Settings" will also be in effect, specifically Forward and Back change sheets in MS Excel.

1 - Open SetPoint

2 - Change button 7 back to "Forward" and button 8 back to "Back"

3 - Make sure "Application Specific Settings" is checked

4 - Click "OK" to close the SetPoint settings window

5 - Right-click the SetPoint icon in the System Trey and select "Exit" to close SetPoint completely

6 - Open "C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\Logitech\SetPoint\user.xml" in your favorite text editor (notepad will work).

7 - Around line 94 you should see this section:
<AppOverride App="hh.exe" HandlerSet="ShiftBackSpace">
<Handler Class="KeyStroke">
<Param KeyName="+{BKSP}"/>
This sets an application specific override for the HTML Help (hh.exe) program to use Shift+Backspace for the Forward action. Duplicate this section and change "hh.exe" to "firefox.exe"

8 - Around line 150 you should see this section:
<AppOverride App="hh.exe" HandlerSet="BackSpace">
<Handler Class="KeyStroke">
<Param KeyName="{BKSP}"/>
Duplicate this section and change the "hh.exe" to "firefox.exe" to use Backspace for the Back action in Firefox.

9 - Run "C:\Program Files\Logitech\SetPoint\KEM.exe" to reload Logitech SetPoint (or restart Windows).

Note to other hackers: this method can be used to set up overrides for other programs if you want.

-Richard L. Owens

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Post Posted February 27th, 2005, 12:30 am

aaahha! so that's what was wrong, thanks for that guys. I absolutely love my mx 1000 but the forward / back button problem was getting really tedious. I set both to other / generic button and they're working fine now in both Firefox and IE. Hey how cool is that application switch selector button, no more diving to the bottom of the screen to switch apps - fantastic!

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Post Posted February 27th, 2005, 5:21 pm

Just install my <a href="">UberOptions pack</a> and directly set any button to whatever you want.
Also fixes Forward/Back in Firefox, and assigns TiltLeft/TilfRight to PreviousTab/NextTab in Firefox and PreviousTrack/NextTrack in Winamp.
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