The Official Win32 20090519 Trunk build is out.

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The Official Win32 20090519 Trunk build is out.

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The Official Win32 20090519 Trunk build is out.

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Hourly Trunk builds (Minefield 3.6 a1pre): mozilla-central-linux || mozilla-central-macosx || mozilla-central-win32 || Firefox Tinderbox || Trunk Changelog
Hourly archive for Windows, Mac and Linux (not the final format yet)

Last update: 2009-05-19 -- 05:40 PDT = 12:40 UTC
Last Changeset: 409416c625bc

  1. #386153 [Toolkit:Add-ons Manager]-XPI files dropped in the extensions folder always appear unsigned [All]
  2. #413746 [Firefox:Phishing Protection]-Use "page" instead of "site" for malware/phishing block pages. [All]
  3. #454971 [Core:Video/Audio]-Support creation of Audio objects outside of the document [All]
  4. #461286 [Core:Video/Audio]-Small vorbis file does not play in <video> and <audio> [All]
  5. #481751 [Core:Layout: Form Controls]-Positions of text input and textarea controls depend on their text contents [All]
  6. #487659 [Core:Video/Audio]-"ASSERTION: Zero playback rate not allowed" [All]
  7. #489545 [Firefox:Toolbars]-Switch to using the toolkit support for toolbar customization sheets [Mac]
  8. #489631 [Core:Video/Audio]-HTML5 <video>/<audio> elements should not inherit document direction [All]
  9. #490947 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-nanojit: remove reservation table [All]
  10. #491219 [Core:XPConnect]-Playing ogg video will not update page titles on other open tabs [All]
  11. #491719 [Firefox:Places]-Ctrl+H and Ctrl+Maj+H both display an empty history [All]
  12. #492292 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-nanojit: remove duplicated LIns predicates [Lin]
  13. #492301 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-nanojit: remove some dead code [Lin]
  14. #492376 [Core:Document Navigation]-Optimize Docshell for memory usage [Lin]
  15. #492420 [Core:Video/Audio]-streaming stops. need to restart via controls. [Mac]
  16. #492488 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-nanojit: improve handling of 64-bit constants [Lin]
  17. #492490 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-nanojit: move Assembler::findVictim() from RegAlloc.cpp to Assembler.cpp [Lin]
  18. #492799 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-nodeIsReadOnly should cache read-only item ids [All]
  19. #492802 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-library details pane is refreshed on focus even when contents haven't changed [All]
  20. #492804 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-remove hasAnno check for bookmark description [All]
  21. #493109 [Core:Video/Audio]-"ASSERTION: Caller forgot to check ReadyToExecuteScripts()" [Mac]
  22. #493187 [Core:Video/Audio]-readyState stuck at HAVE_CURRENT_DATA after seeking when media cache is full [All]
  23. #493255 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-TM: Assertion failure: uint32(obj->fslots[JSSLOT_ARRAY_COUNT]) >= valueCount [Mac]
  24. #493374 [Toolkit:Places]-Avoid marking database as corrupt if initializing additional db objects fails, and avoid creating more than one corrupt file every 24 hours. [All]
  25. #493443 [Core:Video/Audio]-Should transition to HAVE_CURRENT_DATA whenever Ogg frame queue is empty [All]
  26. #493466 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-TM: customization broken [All]
  27. #493494 [Core:Video/Audio]-Seeking forward or backwards in videos with audio no longer works [All]
  28. #493509 [Core:Video/Audio]-shouldn't fire "suspend" when all data has been loaded [All]
  29. #493522 [Core:Geolocation]-Some Wi-Fi related tools don't work after using Firefox's geolocation [Win]
  30. #493538 [Toolkit:Places]-Crash in [@ nsNavHistory::RecalculateFrecenciesInternal(mozIStorageStatement*, int)] [All]
  31. #493586 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-JSON.parse's replacer function can't return undefined [All]
  32. #493702 [Core:Layout: HTML Frames]-iframes do not print since bug 485275 landed [All]

Partial Landings/WIPs/Incoming:
  1. #480058 [Core:Video/Audio]-Aspect ratio not correct [All]
  2. #486922 [Core:Video/Audio]-Clamp seek requests to max(requested, earliestpossible) and min(requested, duration) [Mac]
  3. #487612 [Core:Video/Audio]-Progress bar for video generated using oggz-chop is incorrect [All]
  4. #492219 [Core:DOM]-localStorage's constructor should be Storage [All]
  5. #493431 [Core:Video/Audio]-.currentTime is reported as -0.001 for the last frame of some videos [Mac]
  6. #493673 [Core:Video/Audio]-Videos with an audio track shorter than the video track stop when audio playback is completed [All]

  7. #74803 [Core:Layout: Misc Code]-Should make global data const where possible [All]
  8. #487305 [Core:Video/Audio]-video element surface created with ARGB32 colour format [All]
  9. #488685 [Core:ImageLib]-Cruft on GIF image [All]
  10. #492912 [Core:JavaScript Engine]-TraceRecorder::record_JSOP_GETELEM does some shifty checking [Lin]

Regressions/Annoying/Common bugs:
  1. #423126 [Firefox:Places]-favicons aren't backed up to *.json [All]
  2. #488706 [Firefox:Preferences]-clear privacy data and clear cookies set [Win]
  3. #492032 [Firefox:Bookmarks & History]-Bookmark Menu extends over StatusBar and TaskBar on Windows Vista [All]
  4. #486065 [Core:Layout: Block and Inline]-hidden scrollbars get drawn anyway when Gtk theme gives scrollbars borders [Lin]

Trunk fixes since 20081201 (mozilla 1.9.2) = ~ 2491 (Namoroka) plans.
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Re: The Official Win32 20090519 Trunk build is not yet out.

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Could some people try the tryserver build in Bug 486778 - Spell checker's wavy line is sometimes drawn through misspelled words, and report in the bug if the wavy line looks good or not and if you see any bugs in any input fields. Best to set "layout.spellcheckDefault" to 2 so that spell check is enabled in one line <input> fields like on a bugzilla attachment page. The text is smaller there than in a <textarea> field.
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Re: The Official Win32 20090519 Trunk build is out.

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