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Post Posted October 5th, 2004, 2:56 pm

Hi there

I am running Firefox on SUSE Linux 9.1 / KDE 3.3.0 and have been trying to get around the "mailto is not a registered protocol" issue and having done various research there is obviously a workaround that uses Mozex.

Firstly I had to presuade Firefox 1.0 that it wanted to download the .xpi file, it didn't tell me the site was blocked from installing software when I used the install extensions option .. it was only when I found the FTP folder and tried to FTP that it told me the site was blocked ... BUG?????

Then when I persuaded Firefox that it was OK really it told me that MOZEX wasn't supported for ver 1.0 ... darn it ..

But hey ... shouldn't mailto handling be a natural part of a production browser .. surely the project couldn't go live with 1.0 with this not working?! and no work-around either ?! .. I can see Konqueror beckoning over the horizon for those Linux / KDE desktop users if such a fundamental item is missing.

OK .. off soapbox ..anybody any ideas on how I can resolve this?

Thanks all ......

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Post Posted October 5th, 2004, 3:31 pm

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Thanks djmaniak777

Couldnt install dirrect from your link for some reason but webt to the sitae and navigated to file and it went OK ..

Now have to do battle with the rest of the instructions. I still can't believe they'll productionise the browser with this issue tho.

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