Search Engines: Deleting/Adding/Resizing search box

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Search Engines: Deleting/Adding/Resizing search box

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Q: How can I delete a search engine?
Some search plugins are stored in your Profile folder and some in Firefox's Installation directory, in the searchplugins folder. Open both folders, and delete the .src and the .gif or .png of the search engine you want to remove. Restart Firefox.

Q: How can I add a search engine?
A: Browse mycroft

Q: I have but want google.xx instead!
a.Go to the Firefox installation directory [in winXP under C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox]
b.Open the searchplugins folder
c.Open the file google.src with a text editor and change in the line
<code>action=""</code> the .com part.
d.Save the file, restart Firefox.

Q: How can I resize the search box?
A: Add the text below to the userChrome.css
/* Make the Search box flex wider */
#search-container, #searchbar {
width: 400px !important;

Q: How can I change the order in which the engines are shown?
a.Type about:config in the location bar
b.Type in the filter
c.Change the values as you wish
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