Win32 Copy/Paste Issue - VERY ANNOYING!

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Post Posted April 1st, 2005, 2:18 am


I am now BEGGING for at least some acknowledgement of this issue, as I am getting increasingly frustrated, as I like to copy paste code/commands from webpages while developing or troublshooting.

The problem I am experiencing is that I regularly cannot copy text from Firefox. I select some text and generally use control-c, then try control-v, and the text doesn't paste. I sometimes can't even paste from Firefox to Firefox, I can right-click some select text. 'copy', then if I try right-click, the 'paste' option is grayed out.

What I can say is that certain Microsoft applications seem to cause this issue - but only sometimes. I use Remote Desktop a lot, and that almost always causes issues, when I have a remote desktop window open, even in the backround, I cannot copy selections of text from within Firefox.

Right now for example, I opened a Remote Desktop session, and I can copy text from this webpage, but if I try copy the URL in my address bar, it simply won't get to the clipboard. Then I close my Remote Desktop session, and I can then copy from the address bar again. I end up having to do exceptionally arduous workarounds, like close my remote desktop, paste the desired text into notepad, then re-open remote desktop and copy the text from notepad.

I have also noticed that Office XP applications also seem to interfere sometimes, the only two Office XP apps I use extensively is Outlook and FrontPage, I was using the Microsoft Script Editor (part of FrontPage) to do ASP when the problem once again asserted itself, a close, and then re-opening the app resolved the issue.

I love FireFox, and for many reasons like using it instead if IE, but this regular copy/paste problem is driving me insane, all I want to know is if the developers are aware of this issue, and are looking into it, or perhaps there is a setting I can change in the "about:config", I am not looking for rich text copying, so maybe there is an option to disable copying of rich text, which would allow clear text copying to always work???

This problem also happens on my home computer.

My software:
- Fully Patched Windows XP Pro
- FireFox 1.0.2
- Fully Patched Office XP Pro with FrontPage

Installed Extensions:
- Web Developer 0.8
- Tabbrowser Preferences 1.2.2
- Download Manager Tweak 0.6.5

Thanks in advance

-Jonathan Lydall


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Post Posted April 1st, 2005, 3:49 am

There are a few copy related extensions on extensionsmirror, do they help?

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Post Posted April 1st, 2005, 4:18 am

Thanks for the reply, but it looks to me like these would change the intended behaviour of copy from within Firefox.

For the first plugin, I prefer the manual copy paste that I usually use.
For the second plugin, it may help for when i want to copy URLs, but mostly i am looking to copy text of the page, and that often doesn't work due to some sort of bug, which this can't really fix.


Post Posted July 11th, 2005, 12:30 pm

Very annoying bug indeed. -_-;

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Post Posted July 11th, 2005, 12:55 pm

Yes, this is the worst bug I've encountered. It always seems to kick in when you least expect it.

<a href="" title="Bug 220900 - Focus breaks, cut/copy/paste and other focus-dependent tasks broken">Bug 220900 - Focus breaks, cut/copy/paste and other focus-dependent tasks broken</a>

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