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Post Posted September 13th, 2003, 11:56 am

when i try to go on any web site i get the error message:
"connection refused when attempting to contact"
i downloaded the nightly build and now i dont get this error message any more, instead the status bar just say "connecting to" and stay like that and nothing happens.
i didn't find any thing to help me anywhere i hope you can help me here


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Try hitting the stop button and then going to another page. When you install, FB tries to connect to throw up the Mozilla page the first time that you run.

If you use a proxy, go into Tools -> options to set your proxy information.


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Do you have a firewall installed? I know I sometimes have trouble with programs not connecting to the net & then I remember I have to set my firewall (Kerio 2.1.5) back to "Ask Me First" mode from "Deny Unknown" mode so I can create a rule to allow it..
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