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How to perform a clean installation

1. Download Firefox 1.0.4

2. Uninstall any previous version(s) of Firefox. In Windows use the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.
[For ZIP builds -- Delete the folder where firefox.exe runs from and also follow the steps below.]

3. Create a backup of your Profile. You can simply copy everything to another folder on your hard drive (and this gives Firefox the ability to retrieve your prior settings, bookmarks, etc).

4. Delete your existing profile. This link provides methods for locating your profile systems among the many operating systems Firefox supports. Delete all profile folders.

5. Install Firefox 1.0.4 with as little as possible running on your PC. You can reboot your PC so you have a fresh start and don't start any other work until you Install 1.0.4 successfully.

6. Before you open firefox, copy key settings back from your prior profiles. From your Backup Profile folder (created in step #3), copy over bookmarks.html, cookies.txt, hostperm.1, key3.db, signon.txt, formhistory.dat and user.js from your backup to your newly created profile.

How to upgrade from versions 1.0/ 1.0.1/ 1.0.2 /1.0.3

1. Download Firefox 1.0.4

2. Recommended but not required: Back up your profile.

3. Install Firefox.

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