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Hello. I've created a petition for users of H/PC (Handheld PC) who wish to have minimo ported. There are currently 26 signatures.

Please sign if you are interested.

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Currently 197 signatures.

Please port minimo to HPC2000 (Windows CE 3.0) ARM plattaform. There are a lot of users of Handheld PC, that are suited with a larger display and a keyboard. An example of this device is the magnific HP Jornada 720/728. Since the processor is an ARM, I don't think that the porting would require so much changes from the original build.

Please consider it!

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And please support MIPS devices too!
There are a lot MIPS devices aroudn with larger displays than 320x240.
Mine of course has 1024x600 and 180Mhz - perfect for webbrowsing !

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I have a HP Jornada 720 its a good HPC but i need a modern Browser.

Currently 249 Signatures.

Many HPC have a good Hardware. Siemens Simpad is a fine HPC too.
I hope minimo is ported to ARM based HPCs .

Best regards

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To everyone who is looking for other OS support. I believe the intensions are set right now on porting to the most heavily used versions of windows mobile. Untill later builds I do not believe you will see builds for other OS's. I am not the developer and I cant speak on his behalf but this is my 2 cents from my discussions w/ the developer.
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I found a way to run the normal PPC Minimo release on a HPC.

There is a support DLL you need, and after that it works!
I tested it on our Colibri PXA270 Module (Running on WinCE 5.0)

If you have an ARM based HPC you can download the needed file form my Page:

Go to the Colibri Software Download Section, then WinCE/Colibri_Software/Minimo/
Follow the instructions in the Minimo.txt file.

Let me know if that works for you too.

NOTE: This only works with the 0.006 Version... I'm working on a patch for Version 0.007 (which is much faster, smaller and has tabbed browsing support)
I will let you know as soon as I get it to work.


Germano Kern

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Please, note that most of the HPC, like HP Jornada 720, run Windows CE 3.0 operating system, not the 5.0 one, so I doubt that it will run on HPC2000 OS. Anyway, I'll give a try. Thanks for your concerns.

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I have made singnatures to that please make signatures to my petition as well.
please make signatures petition titiled Let's ask Oprah to expose Puppy Mills on Petition website

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I really dont see the point here - minimo is opensource so if you would really like to seeathat happen why not ask the the autor wether he would port it for some money - i guess he would be very happy to earn money with his hobby. if you have 200 signitures and everybody would pay 10?/$ i guess minimo would have been ported a long time ago.

lg clemens

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