Images / .gif animations don't load

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Images / .gif animations don't load

Post by Filipp0s »

Image 1
If you cannot see the image below check under: Tools | Options | Content | Load Images <put checkmark here

Image 2
If you cannot see the image below check under:
1. Type about:config in the location bar
2. Filter for permissions.default.image
3. Change value to 1

Image 3
If you only see frame one of the animation below:
1.a. Type about:config in the location bar
b. Filter for image.animation_mode
c. Change value to normal</ul>
2. Enable animations from ZoneAlarm [screenshot]


Image 4
If you cannot see the image below, some adblocking software is probably blocking it. [This is the wanted behaviour, I've just added this step for troubleshooting]
[edit]Replaced lost image.[/edit]

Image 5
<a src="javascript:document.getElementById('myimage').setAttribute('src','')">First click here</a>; if after clicking the link, the blimp image does not appear check under: Tools | Options | Content | JavaScript <put checkmark here
<img id="myimage" src=""></img>

One more note
If some images don't appear and at the same time background and text colours are displayed wrong, read this page:

Still cannot see some images? Read this: ... o_not_load
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Post by LeRoi »

Great post, Filipp0s! This should make diagnosis much easier.
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Post by hellene »

Make sure you post a link from the FAQs
I don't know how to do any of this stuff, I just hire the guys that do
Have you considered reading the HELP folder. Right there on your menu bar.
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Post by Guest »

I passed the test, but I'm still having trouble seeing images in yahoo,, etc.
Need help.

Re: Image troubleshooting

Post by Guest999 »

Perfect post- Fixed all my image problems. Many thanks.

Post by SoCuu »

Thanks for a great post, Filipp0s. However, I am still having a minor problem at #5. I have to click at "click here first" to see the image. After saw the pic, if I refresh the page, the I wouldn't be able to see the image again. I checked the settings as you suggested, I had the same settings. Any idea?

thank you.
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Post by Swami »

Nice post, Filipp0s. Didn't even realize I had a problem with 'Images / animations' but I was unable to get Image 5 to appear even though I had the correct Javascript settings. After poking around I finally tracked it down to the 'Image Zoom' extension. After disabling it, the image appeared. Not sure why that extension is causing that behavior, but I never use it anyway, so I uninstalled it. Maybe this can help anybody who has the same problem.
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Post by irs009 »

I read another post Yesterday or today that said web accelerators would cause animations to not work. I turned mine off and sure enough the poster was right.
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Post by safeb »

Image four I can't see unless I disable my Norton adblocker, however that doesn't solve my problem since even if I disable it I can't see the images I am having problems with. It also doesn't explain why I could see those same images on Firefox and with the adblocker enabled yesterday. I can still see the images if I use Netscape, though.

If I right click and then try 'view image' it claims the file cannot be found and to check the location and try again.

Any suggestions? Forgive me if this is something easily solved but I am less than technically minded at the best of times and am at a complete loss.

Thanks in advance.
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Post by Giomezzo »

I am having lots of problems with Quicktime and Flash Images. Anyone know what applications or extensions interfere with these formats?
Charles D. Lombino
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Post by Hrafnir »

I'm still getting the 'broken image' image, the only ones I can see is image 1 and 4.
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Post by greenknight »

I can only see 1, not even broken image symbols for the rest.
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Post by OlGranDad »

No #4 unless AdBlock (w/Filterset.G) is disabled.
Wondering which one of those filters is blocking #4.....
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Post by irs009 »

I think Image shack is broken right now. These images worked for me earlier and now only #1 works and #4 would probably work if I disabled Adblock. I tried to go to Image Shack website and couldn't connect.