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When skating, it is significant to opt for the top rated skateboard trucks since the skateboard accessory will support your turn as well as make your ride more smooth. To get a suitable skateboard truck for cruising around, you need to check their criteria down below. Let’s see whether you wish skateboard trucks include these criteria with us.

Standard skateboard trucks and Reverse-kingpin skateboard trucks

About standard skateboard trucks, this is the type of skateboard truck which are recommended for cruising since they respond incredibly sharply to the skateboard tail.

Standard skateboard truck is the type that you will see the most on streets or parks.

With reference to reverse-kingpin skateboard trucks, if you plan to use this board for downhill races or boardwalk, this is totally a great choice since this skateboard truck type will support you a lot in board turning as well as carving.

Generally speaking, you had better opt for reverse-kingpin skateboard trucks if you know that you will focus on mobility in longboarding. Besides, if you plan to buy a skateboard for cruising around, standard skateboard trucks are absolutely the best choice.
Skateboard trucks need to suit skateboard deck

Choosing skateboard trucks depending on the skateboard deck width is the most efficient way to have a good skateboard truck for cruising around. 150mm and 180mm are the two typical widths of skateboard trucks for cruising. The skateboard trucks with the width of 150mm are called tiny skateboard trucks. The skateboard trucks with the width of 180mm are called wide skateboard trucks.

8.5 inches to 10.5 inches is the typical width range of skateboard deck which is used for cruising around. The skateboard deck with the width of around 8.5 inches will go well with the tiny skateboard trucks which are 150mm. The skateboard deck with the width of nearly or over 10.5 inches will go well with the wide skateboard trucks which are 180mm.

The significant role of skateboard trucks

First of all, we will take a look at the function of each component in a skateboard truck, which are: the hanger, the baseplate, and the bushing.

The function of the baseplate is to maintain the hanger in its right place and also to serve as the hanger's connection to the board.


The most key component in a skateboard truck is the hanger. It contributes to the skateboard wheels' stability.

With reference to skateboard bearings, to provide this skateboard accessory a little more protection, there is a little component that fits beneath it. As a result, we'll need to add some washers. Nowadays, skateboard bearings are having more and more variety in colors. Regarding the past, there was only one color for this skateboard accessory which was orange. The bushing seat is the component of the hanger that sits between the baseplate and the hanger.

Some ideal skateboard trucks for you

We would like to show you guys some ideal skateboard trucks whose quality is assured, see more: Choosing the best skateboard trucks might be difficult at times as there are a variety of high-quality brands available on the market at the moment. However, each of these companies has distinguishing characteristics that might help you stand out. Make sure your skateboard trucks are compatible with your skateboard.

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Truck is the best option for the skateboarders who have just joined the community of skateboarding. The skateboard trucks are also durable which you can comfortably grind.

Speed Skateboard Trucks

Speed Skateboard Trucks will support your skateboarding performance when you do twists and turns as well as other popular skateboarding techniques and tricks. Therefore, skateboarders who use Speed Skateboard Trucks have a tendency of claiming that these skateboard trucks are easy to maneuver.

Quest Boards 5.25 inches Double Barrel Skateboard Trucks

If you are looking for skateboard trucks with light weight, awesome materials, and reasonable price, Quest Boards 5.25 inches Double Barrel Skateboard Trucks is for you.

Turbo Skateboard Trucks

With 5.0 ratings on Amazon, Turbo Skateboard Truck quality is not necessary to discuss. hese trucks come in a pack of two trucks with lightweight design. When skating on the skateboard trucks, you will be supported in terms of balance.

Bear Grizzly Skateboard Trucks

With 4.8 ratings on Amazon, you can opt for the trusted Bear Grizzly Skateboard Trucks. It is of excellent quality and has several functions which are good for carving. Generally speaking, skateboard trucks are light, trendy, and durable. Bear Grizzly Skateboard Trucks are sold in pairs which are packed in a box.

You can get access to SkateAdvisors to get yourself immersed in the world of skateboarding. The posts you find on this website will satisfy you. Let’s explore the fascinating world with us.

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