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Post Posted September 6th, 2005, 6:54 am


This is a second thread from an orignial thread. I tried responding to the first thread, and had trouble doing that. Tthere seems to be a problem with the "quick reply" at the bottom of the page I was viewing the responses to my thread on. It says Quick Reply above a blank area and has two buttons under it...preview and reply. I filled that out twice and hit preview and it brought me to a second page with an empty space to compose a response in and a review of the thread below that. The message I composed was no where on the page and when I hit the button to go back, the message was gone from that page too! So I am starting another thread.

LeRoi helped me in the previous post...Thank you for your help. I did change the settings that you indicated. I now have the ability to view photos that I want to view, so that is all set. I disabled Java as you suggested. I already had the NoScript extension.

Here are my further questions/concerns:

I don't know what Java Runtime Environment is or how to update.

I don't know how to determine what is a "trusted" site.

I have NoScript, but not sure if I am using it right or have the settings correct. I can open the box "No Script options" and on the General tab it allows you to specify sites that are allowed to execute JavaScript. I haven't really specified any, except when a few websites I normally visit wouldn't open, I had to select "temporarily allow" before it would open. But there is a list of sites on this tab. Some are grayed out. Not sure if this list is what is allowed or not, and where did the list come from? On the Advanced page, I have Forbid Java checked off but Macromedia Flasha nd other plugins is not checked. Should I check these too?

I seem to remember being asked whether I wanted strong medium or low security settings but I don't remember where I saw those. I also keep getting Security Warning windows about encrypting that I have to click on TWICE before I can send an email. There is a box that if unchecked will probably stop the warnings. Should I do that? If so, what will happen?

Last....I attempted to download more extensions for Firefox, but it wouldn't allow me to. I clicked on the Install button, but nothing happened. Did I choose a security setting that won't allow sites to install somewhere? Could I temporarily uncheck that so I can download more extensions? Where is that option?

I think that is it for the time being. IF I can get these new questions answered I should be in fine shape. Thank you all so much.



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Post Posted September 6th, 2005, 1:44 pm

The Java Runtime Environment is a plugin that allows Firefox to run Java applets. Java applets are Java applications embedded into web pages (such as the games on
To update it (if it is installed) go to the Windows Control Panel, double-click on the Java icon, click the 'Update' tab, and click 'Update Now'.

The NoScript extension will block all javascript except on trusted websites. Trusted websites are sites that you trust - i.e. you are comfortable allowing their javascript to run. If you believe a website to be trustworthy, you add it to the trusted websites list. For example, you can trust - being such a well-known and popular site, they would never do anything malicious. On the other hand, websites that deal in hacking and software piracy are definitely not trustworthy. It's all based on whether or not you trust the website to be safe. If in doubt, do not trust it.

I don't think it's necessary to block Java. Java itself may be capable of compromising your computer if you view a page with a malicious java applet, but Firefox won't allow it to.
Same goes for Flash and the other plugins. Flash is used on many websites for animated menus and the like - it's usually a necessity to browsing.

When you install an extension, the Tools > Options > Web Features > Allow web sites to install software option must be selected, and the website must be added to the list of allowed sites, which you canget to by clicking the button next to it.

Yes you can click the stop warning me options on the security warnings. They are just telling you that you are entering/leaing a secure site and the like.
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Post Posted September 6th, 2005, 4:01 pm

Vector! Thank you! Thank you very much...three problems off my list of problems to solve..!

I think you answered all my questions and I appreciate so much the time you spent to do that.

I will be fine now for awhile before I find another problem to solve.

Have a nice day! :-)


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