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Every couple of days, it seems my cookies are deleted getting or expiring (on this forum for instance). What could be causing this? It's very frustrating to have to logon to forums again and again. It doesn't happen for every website, and it seems to happen if I don't visit a website in a couple days.

I'm using 0.7 milestone, installed from a clean profile with TBE installed.

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I don't think its Firebird. It happened to me. I think it had something to do with the program I use to use to clean up junk files. The problem went away. Just now, when I clicked on a link the new page never showed up. I rebooted and dialed a different number and it works great now. So all the odd happenings aren't Firebird . At Ieast that is what I have found out.

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Maybe you have your firewall or some other security program set to delte cookies at regular intervals?


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What did you set under Options> Privacy> Cookies > Enable cookies?

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