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old Captain Caveman
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Post Posted June 6th, 2006, 3:41 pm

<img src="" title="Click here to install Web Search Pro!" alt="Click here to install Web Search Pro from AMO" align="middle">Web Search Pro 2.7.1 on AMO
<img src="" title="Click here to install Web Search Pro!" alt="Click here to install Web Search Pro from" align="middle">Web Search Pro 2.7.2 on
<img src="" align="top">Search the web the way you like.
<li>Introducing a new and inovative way to search the web: <b>Drag & DropZones</b>, just drag text on any website, and drop it in one of your 16, 36 or even 64 fully customizable DropZones, and your search will be started
<li>Introducing Quick Type Search, easily and quickly select your Search Engine(s) and search using just your keyboard (mouse also supported)
<li>Search the web using a <b>toolbar</b>, through the <b>context menu</b>, <b>keyboard only</b>, with the <b>Quick Type Search</b> popup, or using the brand new <b>Drag & DropZones</b>.
<li>All Web Search Pro features are completely optional, if you only like 1 of it's features you can disable the rest of them by a single click.
<li>Supports the Mycroft Sherlock and OpenSearch formats so you can use all (10.000+) Search Engines from <a href=''></a> and other Search Engine websites.
<li>Manage your own groups of Search Engines so you can create more specific groups then the defaul Movies, Music, Computer and Technology, etc. groups.
<li>Select as many Search Engines as you like, and make a suggestion if your favourite is not yet on my list.
<li>Select how you want your search engine menu to be displayed, flat, grouped by type, or a list separated by type.
<li><b>Assisted Search Engine suggesting</b>, just right click on a search field on any site, and suggest that engine for Web Search Pro
<li>When you visit a website that supports the Open Search format, you can automatically add that site as a Search Engine to your Web Search Pro through a statusbar icon.
<li>A stylish resizable toolbar with optional Search button (add it in the View/Toolbars/Customize menu).
<li>Search engines use the official site's favicon, so you can always easyly recognize which search engine you are using. Or just select one of your own icons to use as the Search Engine's icon.
<li><b>Completely modify</b> each Search Engine, label, type, favicon, and shortcut key.
<li>Drag &amp; Drop <b>Search Engine ordering</b>, works in the options screen and in all search engine menus.
<li>Export and Import all your Web Search Pro preferences.
<li>Uses Google Labs new <a href='' target='_blank'>Google Suggest</a> feature to show you suggestions while you are typing in the search box
<li>Easy to maintain list of your search engines, just 1 click to add, 1 click to remove a search engine from your list. Also includes 2 quick sort buttons to sort your list ascending/descending
<li>Currently has <b>3628</b> validated search engines.
<li>Help me keep all Search Engines in working order by reporting the ones that are broken in 1 click.
<li>Also allows you to add private Search Engines, you can use these for engines I denied, or intranet search engines.
<li>Available in: en-US, nl-NL, es-ES, ca-AD, it-IT, de-DE, pt-BR, fr-FR, ja-JP, tr-TR, es-AR, sk-SK, pt-PT, da-DK, zh-CN, ru-RU, uk-UA, af-ZA, hr-HR, sv-SE, ko-KR, zh-TW
<i>This extension was know as [Movies and Music Search] until version 1.56.</i>

Q: Is there a way to disable Drag & Dropzones temporarily, e.g. when typing something, and wanting to drag a word?
A: I need some kind of huge manual for all things like this I guess, cause yes, it's already possible. ESC cancels a drag & drop operation (Windows default), and if you hold SHIFT while dragging Drag & DropZones will not be activated.

Q: What is the shortcut for opening the Quick Type Search popup?
A: CTRL + Q, but it also responds to all other Web Search Pro shortcuts that have been assigned to a Search Engine. For example, if you have assigned CTRL + SHIFT + M to IMDb, then pressing that will open the Quick Type Search popup with IMDb selected.

Q: Can I resize the search toolbar without using the resizer?
A: Yes you can, place the cursor in the Search textbox, and press CTRL+ALT+Left to shrink, and CTRL+ALT+Right to grow the box.

Q: How can I suggest a Search Engine?
A: Just go to the Search Engine's website, and right click on the Search query input box, and select "Suggest for Web Search Pro..." from the context menu.
<li>Web Search Pro homepage
<li>Web Search Pro Search Engines site
<li>More Search Engines on
<li>BabelZilla Web Translation System


<img src="" title="Click to see a larger screenshot" alt="The Toolbar - Flat Style"> <img src="" title="Click to see a larger screenshot" alt="The Toolbar - Group Style"> <img src="" title="Click to see a larger screenshot" alt="The Toolbar - List Style">
<img src="" title="Click to see a larger screenshot" alt="The Options - Search Engines"> <img src="" title="Click to see a larger screenshot" alt="Drag & DropZones in action"> <img src="" title="Click to see a larger screenshot" alt="The Options - Edit Search Engine">
<img src="" title="Click to see a larger screenshot" alt="The Quick Type Search popup">

Version History:

version 2.7.2 (14-08-2007)
<li>Bugfix: CTRL + Left/Right where used to resize the toolbar, replaced with CTRL + ALT + Left/Right, cause CTRL already means something.
<li>Bugfix: The Toggle use Drag & DropZones toolbar button did not disable until Firefox restarted.
<li>Bugfix: Dropping text in the search box no longer automatically searched (as per the option) if you had disabled the Drag & DropZones feature.
<li>Bugfix: Search query disappeared after a search (replaced by Search Engine label) even if you had switched of the "Clear the search query..." feature.
<li>Bugfix: SHIFT + S to open the options is an annoying choice for a shortcut... Changed to CTRL + ALT + S.
<li>Bugfix: Search history initially populated with current Search Engine's label.
<li>Fixed compatibility issue with Super Drag and Go.
version 2.7.1 (11-08-2007)
<li>Removed Up/Down arrows to move a Search Engine, both the engines and the groups use Drag & Drop.
<li>Added a keyboard shortcut to open up the WSPro settings window SHIFT + S.
<li>Bugfix: zh-TW translation pointed to the ko-KR locale folder in chrome.manifest.
<li>Bugfix: Context menu search did not work if the toolbar was not visible.
<li>Bugfix: Drag & DropZones did not work if the Toggle Use Drag & DropZones toolbarbutton was not visible.
<li>Bugfix: if a Search Engine did not have a favicon, and was assigned to a custom group, then no favicon was shown at all when the group's icon should have been show.
version 2.7 (10-08-2007)
<li>Redesigned Options UI to make it more compact, should now fit a 800x600 resolution again
<li>Added auto Search Engine adding when you visit a website that supports the Open Search format (visible through statusbar icon)
<li>Increased the maximum number of Drag & DropZones to 64, you can now choose between 16, 36 or 64 DropZones
<li>Added options to hide the Tools/Context menu entries
<li>Added option to hide the system default Search Engine Groups (only when they are not in use)
<li>Added option to set a default Search Engine, after each search WSPro will switch back to that one, options are 1 of your Search Engines, the last Search Engine used, do not switch.
<li>Added option to hide the toolbar resizer
<li>Added a toggle "Use Drag and DropZones" button
<li>Added a cancelable prompt to describe why you are reporting a Search Engine as broken (to provide me with more info, and to prevent accidental reports)
<li>Display the current Search Engine label in the search box
<li>Restyled the toolbar and Quick Type Search popup a bit so they look more clean/decent
<li>Added zh-TW translation
<li>Bugfix: Reordering Search Engines with Drag & Drop caused the favicon to break
<li>Bugfix: Selecting more then 1 Search Engine (CTRL + click or separated by a ,) in the Quick Type Search window only performed a search on the first selected engine.
<li>Bugfix: Reordering Search Engines within a group caused the selected Search Engines to refresh empty.
<li>Bugfix: Memory leak in settings window observer after you imported WSPro settings.
version 2.6.1 (29-05-2007)
<li> Context menu search can now also be done without selecting text, just right click a word to search for it.
<li> Added debug mode which logs information to the console.
<li> Don't open a new tab if the current tab is about:blank
<li> Bugfix: Compatibility issue with Firefox 1.5, 1.5 does not have the nsSearchService, so unfortunately I had to decide not to support the Sherlock and Open Search formats for Firefox 1.5 users. WSPro Search Engines now work again as usual.
<li> Bugfix: Compatibility issue with Firefox 1.5, html:canvas.toDataURL() (used for converting favicons to B64 strings) apparently did not make it into 1.5 because of security issues, replaced with a (slower) B64 routine from nsSearchService.js
<li> Bugfix: Compatibility issue with Firefox 1.5, Google Suggest implementation relies on nsSearchService, which is not available in 1.5.
<li> Bugfix: Apply button was not available in the options window on Mac/Linux.
<li> Bugfix: Searching using Drag & Dropzones did not switch the default Search Engine anymore.
<li> Bugfix: Search button did not work anymore, only opened the Search Engine page without the keyword(s).
<li> Bugfix: Fixed another memory leak (in the options window and QTS search dialog).
<li> UIFix: Fixed some layout issues with the default Mac theme.
version (05-04-2007)
<li> Dragging of (partial) links now also activates the Drag & Dropzones (except if you have SuperDrag installed).
<li> Bugfix: The default encoding retrieved from the intl.charset.default pref is almost always ISO-8859-1, but most Search Engines prefer UTF-8. Default in WSPro is now UTF-8, and I have implemented an extra param for the WSPro Search Engines to support a different encoding if problems occur.
<li> Bugfix: Sometimes Drag & Dropzones where not activated after dragging e.g. bold text.
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Old Makondo
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Post Posted June 7th, 2006, 10:41 pm

Yes, as i've said in the other thread, it looks promising and this version looks great! It doesn't want to work for me though.
1. The options window is not resizable and - i suspect - there's a 'OK' button somewhere? Since i don't see it, i can't save my changes.
2. In the Options window, Search Engines tab/Available Search Engines says 'loading...' and that's all she wrote! - never shows anything else and nothing happens.

I will try it in a new clean profile and see if it's a theme/ext. conflict (btw, fyi, i installed from the .nl link above since AMO is still on 2.2).

EDIT: correction! - the options window is not resizable only if you open it from the dropdown arrow in the bar or right click menu on a selection. It looks fine if opened from (mrtech' LocalInstall) toolbar button.

It also seem to work in a new profile - so it must be a theme/ext. conflict ... will take a while to figure that one out with 30 exts. and a custom theme. Will try when i have time. For now, i'll take it for a test in that new profile - thaks a lot!

old Captain Caveman
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Post Posted June 8th, 2006, 7:43 am

1a. I will make the Options window resizable in the next version.

1b. There is a HUGE apply button, but that's just there to make people feel good since most settings (Search Engines/Drag & DropZones) are already saved by then. I think I will recode it a bit for the next version so I can add an OK, and Cancel button, these buttons will then only apply to the "normal" settings, so the checkboxes/radiobuttons.

2. To try and help locate the problem (if there is a problem, and it's not "just" a messed up profile, I'd rather be safe then...), could you answer these questions for me:
a. If you still have the profile in which it does not work, could you check your Tools/Javascript Console for errors after you have opened the Options screen? And mail/pm them to me.
b. Did you already use a WSPro before this version 2.3, and which version was that?
c. Do you remember which search engines you had selected in a previous version? And could you maybe mail/pm me the original extensions.mmsearch.mmsearch-freesearchengines pref string of the profile in which it did not work?

Version 2.3 is indeed still pending approval on AMO, but I had some time to spare tuesday, so I thought I'd make this topic already...

Enjoy searching!

Uncle Spellbinder

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Post Posted June 8th, 2006, 8:35 am

Excellent extension!!! Not only because of it's functionality, but also because (as an added bonus :D) the search bar is virtually identical to what it looked like before it was redesigned. As for the functionality of Web Search Pro 2.3, grade "A", numero uno! Working perfectly. Also works in Trunk just as well with a bump using MR Tech's Local Install or Nightly Tester Tools.

Thanks for a GREAT extension.
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Old ehbien
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Post Posted June 8th, 2006, 9:56 pm

I'd like to give this extension a go, but does it interact well w/ Super Drag and Go? I prefer your extension for the enhanced search features , but need the SDG link dragging capabilities.

Old Makondo
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Post Posted June 8th, 2006, 11:01 pm

Captain Caveman,
a PM is sent - hope with all the info you need. Thanks for your time!

as far as i can see - yes, it does. Not only that, but text boxes too, e.g. if you want to drag a word while typing. I've wrote about it in my PM to Captain. Maybe there's something i'm missing though.

old Captain Caveman
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Post Posted June 9th, 2006, 1:12 am

@Uncle Spellbinder
I do believe I need to update the looks of the options screen in the trunk versions ;) Will try to do that, and up the maxversion (after testing some more) in the next WSPro update.

AFAIK there are no problems with also using Super Drag & Go. Some features I have "overruled", and some features I don't on purpose (like image dragging -> save to disk. But, I do not use Super Drag & Go myself, so if you encounter a problem, just let me know.

The problem was caused by RainbowPicker which does not preserve all original colorpicker functionalities. Though it's IMO not my problem, I did modify WSPro so it all works just fine if you have RainbowPicker installed.

Your PM requests (adding some of them to the main topic if you don't mind):

Q: Change/name/reorder groups
A: Currently you can "only" assign a search engine to a different group, I will look into reordering for the next version. Renaming is a bit more complicated cause the defaults need to be 1. Multilingual, and 2. The same for everyone so they can be used on the list of available search engines. I'll need to figure these things out first then, so I think it will sooner be something like adding your own groups, and leave the 9 defaults as it is now.

Q: Is there a way to disable them temporarily, e.g. when typing something, and wanting to drag a word?
A: I need some kind of huge manual for all things like this I guess, cause yes, it's already possible. ESC cancels a drag & drop operation (Windows default), and if you hold SHIFT while dragging Drag & DropZones will not be activated.

Q: What's the deal with the security note about local favicons?
A: First you "need" to know that the Drag & DropZones are created inside the website where you start the dragging operation, so if you are dragging some text found in a google result, WSPro will temporarily add some content to the google site. This content contains the transparent box, a label, and the favicon image which might be a local file. Since Firefox blocks the loading of local files by default, all your local favicons would show as <img width="16px" height="16px" src="">.
I therefore choose to disable this security setting for the current site during a drag & drop operation, so the local image can be loaded though knowing that this could be a security risk. I am not really proud of this sollution, so I will keep on looking for another one, but the risk is IMO quite small, and if you really do not want that risk, don't use local favicons, or don't use Drag & DropZones... For now...
MozillaZine description of this setting:
For security purposes, Firefox and Mozilla Suite block links to local files (and directories) from remote files. This includes linking to files on your hard drive, on mapped network drives, and accessible via UNC paths. This prevents a number of unpleasant possibilities, including:
* Allowing sites to detect your operating system by checking default installation paths
* Allowing sites to exploit system vulnerabilities (e.g., C:\con\con in Windows 95/98)
* Allowing sites to detect browser preferences or read sensitive data

Old Makondo
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Post Posted June 9th, 2006, 10:21 pm

Thank you very much, Captain, - works perfectly fine! Thanks for taking the time to answer my Qs as well. Great extension - the best of its kind, thanks a lot!
I do have a couple more Qs though:

1. When Zones activated and cover a page, every cell shows 'My Favorites' and 1 shows Google. Is there a way to assign each cell to an engine and/or select a few, not all of the favorites? Or have a favorites folder in each category? That way i can choose a category and search through Zones using 'favorites' within that category. Or a way to assign each cell and drop in that cell(-s, if a selection of just few but not all is possible)? This is probably a lot to ask and i have no idea if it's possible at all, just asking.

2. A way to close Zones on a page instead of reloading it or duplicating a tab and closing the 'zoned' one (as i do now)?

old Captain Caveman
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Post Posted June 9th, 2006, 11:29 pm

1. Checking with you first, did you notice the Drag & DropZones tabpage in the options screen, and is it clear enough that you can drag & drop to rearange them, and click on one to select and engine, and click on it again to reselect it? Might be that you missed that?

2. ESC should cancel a drag & drop operation completely, so including drag & dropzones, you can also just move outside the content area to clear the zones. If for some reason the zones (the colourfull squares) are not cleared from the page, they should be cleaned up in ~2 seconds. Could you check if that 2sec. mechanism works ok for you, and also, tell me if there's a specific situation where you always get left behind with the zones covering your page?

Old Makondo
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Post Posted June 10th, 2006, 12:42 am

OMG! - Super! I had no idea (kept right clicking with no results. Looks like you don't like right clicking ;-) ).
Yes, i did noticed that it clears somehow 'magically' but it doesn't work consistently for me and sometimes just hangs covered. A couple of times i had one cell 'left over' hanging on a page somewhere. It could of course be my system fault (WSP seems to be rather slow for me. Nothing dramatic though).
Well, i'll go play some more with this fantastic extension - thank you very much! - there's a lot to play with, i see.

Well, didn't go far, this is what happens quite often now (after that, i can't use Zones - nothing happens if i drag a word). Also, this two cells are the only 2 cells i have empty in the options/zones:


Js errors:

Error: this.aDropZones[iX][iY][3].UpdateStatus is not a function
Source file: chrome://websearchpro/content/websearchproOverlay.js
Line: 894
if (this.aDropZones[iX][iY][3]) this.aDropZones[iX][iY][3].UpdateStatus(sStatus);

------------- : --------------

Error: this.aDropZones[iX][iY][3].SetProperties is not a function
Source file: chrome://websearchpro/content/websearchproOverlay.js
Line: 892
this.aDropZones[iX][iY][3].SetProperties((iX * iDZWidth + 5 + iLeft), (iY * iDZHeight + 5 + iTop), iDZWidth, iDZHeight, this.aDropZones[iX][iY][1], this.aDropZones[iX][iY][2]);

================== :: ============

Uncle Spellbinder

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Post Posted June 10th, 2006, 5:40 am

In my case, I can't get rid of Zones at all (regardless of which search engine I'm using at the time) unless I reload the page or close the tab. If it helps:

Error: uncaught exception: can't be queried from chrome://browser-region/locale/


Warning: Error in parsing value for property 'cursor'. Declaration dropped.
Source File: ... en&q=Error
Line: 22
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old Captain Caveman
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Post Posted June 13th, 2006, 7:36 am

The problems with the non disappearing Dropzones should be fixed now, could you both (and/or others) please confirm?

@Uncle Spellbinder
The 1st error looks like it's originates from the original Firefox Web Search or something, at least not something WSPro comes in contact with, so sorry, I have never seen it before, and am not sure what causes it.
The 2nd error is a style error by google, the cursor value hand does not exist according to CSS 2.1, rather boring, and quite unimportant for all of us ;)

Old Makondo
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Post Posted June 13th, 2006, 11:54 pm

Yeap, works fine here - thank you!
It has now eliminated one other extension for me - Dictionary Tooltip - since i can drag a word/phrase to a Zone! (btw, DT doesn't search textboxes. No problem with WSP, thank you very much!).
Also thanks for adding the 3 engines i've suggested (even though Wikitravel went under 'Reference/Dictionary' instead of 'Travel' - where i would've put it if it would've existed ;-) ). Thanks for your time, Captain, great extension indeed!

Old Makondo
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Post Posted June 27th, 2006, 9:54 pm

i'm having problems with Zones and had to stop using this otherwise useful feature: i can't drag anything on a page anymore! - Zones cover the page and often don't disappear no matter how long i'm sitting there with a word/link hanging on my mouse, till my finger goes blue! Sometimes they do disappear but if i drop something in a text box, nothing happens (no paste) and/or zones may show up again.
1). Try this:
1. highlight my name in the above post.
2. Drag it into 'Quick Reply' box.
3. My screen is covered with zones and i can't drop into the text box without some search engine starting its search in a new tab.
4. Expected: simple drag&drop of a word/phrase. Zones may show but quickly disappear if not used, leaving me space to continue what i was doing.

2). Also. I have checked 'Show DropZones that do not have engines assign to them' in hopes there'll be some empty 'zones' and i might be able to drop things there - but no! my page is all covered, some engines appear twice (to fill in the empty zones?). Am i misunderstanding this function?

3). Is there a way to stop Zones from changing a selected engine in the search bar? If i drop a word in a search zone, this engine automatically shows in my searchbar. I'd like it simply open a new tab with results but don't change an engine which shows in the search bar as i have to go there and change it manually to the one i had before i used Zones, usually it's an engine i use the most and don't want it changed unless i do it myself from a dropdown menu. Let's say i have Google in the searchbar. I then use Zones to look a word up and drop this word in Wikipedia zone. My searchbar now shows Wikipedia. I'm used to use Google most of the time and - forgetting there Wiki is sitting now - i type a word and hit Enter. Ooops! it searches Wiki, damn! I have to change it back to Google.

I still don't think this extension plays well with Super DragAndGo. As much as i like the idea of Zones, i can't use it - too many problems and unpredictable behavior.

old Captain Caveman
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Post Posted July 3rd, 2006, 2:46 pm


1) Draging & Dropping of text still does not work correctly, I have added this bug to the op and I will try to fix it asap. If all is well, the Dropzones should now (version 2.3.9) always disappear after use/cancel. But I have said that before, so please confrim ;)

2) You misread that options I guess, cause if you check that, all Dropzones that do not have a Search Engine assigned to them will automatically use your current Search Engine (the one that shows in your toolbar). If you uncheck it, you should have empty blocks on your screen (but do not get your hopes up, cause dragging text also does not work there... Sorry)

3) I must be tired/too busy, cause I could have sworn that I had already added this feature to 2.3.9, but I didn't. I have put it on the top of my list now.

4) My first goal is to get it to work "perfect" with all of the default Firefox features, I will always try to keep my extensions compatible with other extensions/themes, but that comes 2nd. Patience please :)

I have implemented Google Labs Google Suggest feature in the latest version. Please let me know how it works/feels, but do note that this feature is from Google Labs, so not guaranteed to work, but whe'll try.

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