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Post Posted September 9th, 2006, 6:38 am

I copied this code from a site, which alows one to detect installed extensions with javascript, and possiby act on these results. Which is a very disturbing thing because it can have huge complications. One could for instance redirect users based on their installed extensions, block them, or show them other content, and maybe... maybe: with the detection, abuse could be possible if they find code flaws in the extensions.

below a few lines with which you could detect a few extensions.

So what is going to be done about this?

IMG SRC="chrome://searchstatus/skin/cax10.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('SearchStatus');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using Search Status';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://viewsourcewith/skin/ff/tb16.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('ViewSourceWith');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using ViewSourceWith';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://autocopy/skin/autocopy.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('AutoCopy');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using AutoCopy';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://google-toolbar/skin/splitter.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('GoogleToolbar');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using Google Toolbar';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://flashblock/skin/flash-on-24.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('FlashBlock');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using FlashBlock';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://ieview/skin/ieview-icon.png" onload="var a=document.getElementById('IEView');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using IEView';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://ietab/skin/ietab-button-ie16.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('IETab');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using IETab';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://switcher/skin/icon.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('ServerSwitcher');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using Server Switcher';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://fasterfox/skin/icon.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('FasterFox');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using FasterFox';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://webdeveloper/skin/buttons/button_small.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('WebDeveloper');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using WebDeveloper';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://jsview/skin/jsview.gif"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('JSView');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using JSView';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://customizegoogle/skin/32x32.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('CustomizeGoogle');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using Customize Google';" style="visibility:hidden"

IMG SRC="chrome://seopen/skin/seopen.png"
onload="var a=document.getElementById('SEOpen');
a.innerHTML = 'You are using SEOpen';" style="visibility:hidden"

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Post Posted September 9th, 2006, 7:42 am

Jungsonn wrote:So what is going to be done about this?

They're not decided yet.

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Post Posted November 5th, 2006, 9:47 am

I'm getting below messages now when logging into my GMail account. Probably javascript.options.showInConsole needs to be set to true to see it.

Error Console wrote:No chrome package registered for chrome://adblockplus/skin/adblockplus.png .
No chrome package registered for chrome://flashblock/skin/flash-on-24.png .

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