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Post Posted October 21st, 2006, 6:46 pm

Firefox 2.0 has been released. Download here | Release notes

Upgrade issues/questions
<li> Can't connect to sites after the upgrade? Check your firewall!
<li> When will the auto-update happen? "Over the next several weeks".
<li> Will it keep my bookmarks and settings? Yes. You can back up your settings to be sure. Make sure that you close Firefox before upgrading!
<li> You lied, it didn't keep by bookmarks or settings! There's a problem with the installer where it doesn't shut down Firefox completely and so files don't get updated. Uninstall Firefox 2.0, delete the application folder (on Windows, C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox), and reinstall. If they're still not there, read this.
<li>Can I install 2.0 alongside 1.5.0.x? See here for info.

What's new?
<li> Phishing protection - reports if websites are possible scams
<li> Session saving - From the options dialog, you can tell Firefox to open at the same sites you left it. Also, if Firefox crashes, when you open it again, you get the option to restore your tabs and windows
<li> Web feeds - improved interface for web feeds, including the option to subscribe with an external program or service
<li> Spell checking - squiggly red lines under words you spell wrong
<li> Search suggestions - common search terms are suggested as you type in the search box

What's fixed?
<li> Memory leaks
<li> Searching a page now searches within text fields

<li> Does Firefox 2.0 still support Windows 98? Yes. Firefox 3.0 is the release that is planned to drop support for Windows 98.
<li> Does Firefox 2.0 pass Acid2? Firefox 2.0 is based on the same rendering engine as Firefox 1.5, and so it doesn't pass Acid2. Firefox 3.0 will include a new version of the rendering engine which is expected to pass Acid 2.
<li>How to I get tabs back to how Firefox 1.x was? Type about:config in the address bar, press enter, and set browser.tabs.closeButtons to 3 (puts the tab close button on the right instead of on the tabs), browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to 0 (lets tabs get really small before scrolling), and install this style (gets rid of the drop marker).
<li> How do I get the mail toolbar/menu items back? Get Mail extension.
<li>How do I get the throbber/activity indicator to go to my homepage when I click on it? Throbber Button extension.
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Issues with the URL (address) bar

If there are mysterious problems with the address bar (like address not updating, need to press return to accept the address or wrong results from lucky search) check your extensions for tab related extensions like TMP (tab mix plus) and TBP (tab browser preferences). If you have such an extension disable it. Both mentioned extensions are expected to be updated in the next few days to solve these problems.

Mysterious behaviour after installing FF 2 over FF 1.5.0.x
If you see strange behaviour from FF after installing FF2 over FF 1.5 (strange tab behaviour, problems with the address and search bar, missing bookmarks and unable to reimport them) check these information:

Check the user agent from Help -> About
If you see an agent string like "rv: ... Gecko/20060909 Firefox/2.0" instead of the correct "rv:1.8.1" see here for details:
Bugzilla Bug 357922 Bookmarks missing, tabs broken etc. after installing Firefox 2

To clean it up check these informations:
* It is no longer necessary to remove the Firefox installation directory before reinstalling Firefox 2. See the posts from Alice here:
help! nothing works in v2.0. not tabs, or back or anything


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Post Posted November 25th, 2006, 9:15 am

Classic theme available

For all who do not like the new default theme - esp. the MAC users - the classic theme from 1.0.x has been released for use with Firefox 2. ... available/

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