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I was just wondering if there were any command line options / switches I could use while invoking Sunbird.

Primarily what I am looking for is an option that would take a calendar and export it to .ics format, so that I could use it in a script to publish that to my remote WebDAV server or my server that has phpIcal running so that I can see my latest calendar either in my desktop using Sunbird or any other calendar using my webserver.

Can I do that? Or is there any other way I can automate Sunbird to publish a .ics file out of my calendar (and there is only one calendar in my Sunbird profile, and there is only 1 profile :) ).. and then automatically push that .ics file to a server?

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There are currently only 2 command-line options available for Sunbird. -subscribe will add a calendar to your list and -showdate 1162160698906 will jump to the view to a particular date/time. For reference (or if you were interested in submitting a patch), see <a href="">the handleCommandLine function</a>.

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There is an extension for Sunbird/Lightning that automatically exports all (or only selected calendars) during Sunbird shutdown to *.ics file: (German page, but extension also ships with english locale). Maybe this helps you.

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