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I am setting up a PC for someone that is in a remote area that uses dial-up.

I went to Tools-Options-Content-Load images and I uncheck the box. When a user is on a page that he/she wants to view images, how does he go about it. (besides adding the site to the exceptions, or reversing what I did)
Should there be a icon or somethiing? Similar to my Outlook express e-mail]


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-> Fx Support.


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The Img Like Opera extension gives options for showing images only if they are in the cache, or downloading them when asked, etc.

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i'd suggest this solution:
install the adblock plus extension and add filters for image-files (*.gif, *.jpg, *.png), then they wont be downloaded at all...
on servers/sites where the user wants to view images, he can right-click the adblock icon in the status bar and set an exception for the current site

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