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Post Posted January 10th, 2007, 1:28 am

Just upgraded a couple of XP boxes from FF 1.5.x to and from JRE 1.5.x to JRE 6, and after I did that, FF complained that JRE 6 was incompatible with FF and disabled it. I had to nuke JRE 6 and re-install 1.5.10 to get Java pages (like the Secunia Software Inspector) to work.

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I got a similar warning when upgrading from Firefox 1.5.* to about Java console will be disabled, but afterwards with Firefox, Java still worked fine. In the past, for me if Java ever stopped working, uninstalling and reinstalling Java usually fixed it.
Firefox isn't released yet is it? The current 1.5.* is


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No, 1.5.0_10 is out. However, I've had no trouble with 1.6.0 in any of my Firefox builds; though I've heard some others have had problems.
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You can safely ignore that warning. It's not JRE 6 which is incompatible but just a tiny extension shipping with the JRE which adds one menu item to the Tools menu. If you're no Java developer, you won't miss anything at all.

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