Building Minimo on x86 Linux

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Since build instructions at the official minimo page are a bit incomplete and not up-to-date, I post here my own notes how to get the little lizard running. 4 hours worth of build/try/configure/rebuild/retry.

1. Don't use Mozilla trunk. You need to checkout 1.8 branch. See ... 69#2696769

export CVSROOT=''
cvs co -r MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH mozilla/ mozilla/minimo/config/
cp mozilla/minimo/config/mozconfig/linux_x86 mozilla/mozconfig

2. Add following options to mozilla/mozconfig

# Enable debugging
-> --disable-debug
ac_add_options --enable-debug

# Enable multithreaded building. Speeds up the build process on dual core systems)
mk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=-j3

# When you don't want to do system wide installation of the minimo, set this to something specific to the project
ac_add_options --with-default-mozilla-five-home=/home/moo/workspace/phoneproject/minimo/home

3. Compile it

make --f build_all

4. Launch minimo


Minimo should come up in your X session.

Please tell me if I am missing something.

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Hi, I have compiled minimo and it can run in my x86 linux, but I found that it lacks of lost plugins. Can it use the plugins for firefox?

I have modified the mozconfig before complile. I modified disable-plugins to enable-plugins.

minimo and firefox are all based on mozilla engine, so i think minimo can use the firefox's plugins. But how to use it?

Hope someone could tell me.

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also, I have another question, when I donwload file from web by minimo, I don't knwo where the file saved, it can't set the download location.
how to solve this matter?


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1) plugins are outside of the mozilla project -- we support (if enabled) NPAPI, the standard interface between plugins and a browser.
2) should be the preferences:

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