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Post Posted March 2nd, 2004, 12:34 pm

This may be an IE bug, not Mozilla I have searched, and found only one possible reference to this condition, but there were no responses to that reference, and it was not clear that it was the same issue.

Mail created in Mozilla, when read in Webmail using IE to access Webmail, does not properly wrap paragraphs. Paragraphs appear all on one line, to about 4 - 5 screen widths.

This forces the use of the horizontal scroll bar to view the email. Very ugly.

For me this is universal in time and space, using Mozilla 1.4 build 20030624.

The same mail read in Webmail opened with Mozilla is displayed properly.
read via local machine email clients tested it displays properly.
So, as far as I have been able to determine, the failure to display paragraphs properly is only when IE is used to read Webmail.

This has been repeatedly reproduced by preparing email with line wrapped paragraphs (4+ full screen lines per para.) and sending it to myself and other correspondents.
Use Mozilla to read it in webmail, where it displays properly
Use both Outlook Express and Moz Mail & News to read it, it displays properly. (Of course I had set both mail clients to leave the mail on the server, so it could be viewed repeatedly using different viewing tools.)
Use IE to read it in Webmail, it fails to wrap the paragraphs.

To reproduce this condition using a current build of Mozilla I would have to install a current build, and that (from what I have read on forums) is both difficult and dangerous to data. If anyone has information about how I can install a current Mozilla without having to risk losing my profiles, settings, and data, I'd appreciate info on that too.

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