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I'm no computer expert but this worked for me. I have KIS 6 and vista and have never been able to get Firefox and KIS to work together until now. What I did is open up KIS, click on settings, click on anti hacker, enable the firewall and click on settings (for the firewall). Scroll down the applications list to firefox and double click on firefox to open up the window containing the rules for firefox. Click on the first rule which is for "DNS Service" and in the window down the bottom you will see a rule description starting with the word "block". Now if you look at the same rule (DNS Service) for Internet Explorer you will see that the rule description starts with the word "allow" but the rest of the rule including the port is exactly the same. Now go back to the firefox DNS rule, click on the word "block" and it will change to "allow". Hit OK to save the change and do this for every rule in firefox that has an IE equivalent. The only rule I didn't change is the rule for "Localhost Activity" as there was no IE equivalent and as I don't know what this does I erred on the side of safety and left that one alone . So far firefox is working fine and the KIS firewall is still enabled. I hope this helps someone out there.

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In KIS7 I have those put on Allow (HTTP, HTTPS etc activity).
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Thanks for posting that. This is important information. It appears that firewalls and other "security" software have almost unlimited ways to interfere with Internet access. Now that's what I call micromanaging.

I think localhost activity allows Firefox to view your own computer. Supposedly, it also prevents a rogue Web site from viewing certain details about your computer.

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Can someone tell me how to do this with KIS7 in laymans terms please.


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FYI on the localhost connection:

From the KB
A loopback connection for communication between the browser core and the SSL module on non-Unix machines [1]. It's not recommended this be blocked. ... _-_Firefox


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So from this do I understand correctly that Kaspersky blocks Firefox from using DNS by default?


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Hi Shembo, Thanks for the info but as soon as I say "ok" and try to display firefox , kasperski changes the "allows" back to "block". My firefox still doesn't work...any other suggestions?

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1. Read the directions.
2. Ask the Kaspersky forum.
3. If you can't get it resolved, I guess your only choice is to get rid of Kaspersky software. Because if you can't control it, then you may not be able to add or use other Internet programs. That includes diagnostic systems programs like ping and nslookup.

For Kaspersky support, you should ask the Kaspersky forum. Most of us don't even have a copy of Kaspersky that we can look at.


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Try this fix for the firefox & kaspersky issue.

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Don't bother with that link. It link leads back to our very own Mozilla support site, and that article was taken from our very own MozillaZine Knowledge Base site. ... t+Security

Notice also that the Knowlege Base article is based in part on this very thread.

<b>Also notice that this thread dates from November. Please don't bump it again.</b>


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Maybe someone out there can give me a hand! I am having trouble loading myspace on firefox. i get to the sign in screen and then when i sign in it does not take me to my home page it just reverts back to the sign in screen with out the screen name and password box. I am signed in but i can not see my home page but can get into my mail and stuff from a link at the top of the page.

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classact82 wrote:Maybe someone out there can give me a hand!

Nope, not in this thread. It's very old and it has nothing to do with your problem. Start a new thread.


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KIS 7: Allow Any TCP activity (Allow, Inbound and Outbound, TCP connections) and Allow Any UDP activity (Allow, Inbound and Outbound, UDP connections). Will work but might be less secure. Any better suggestions?


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From Kaspersky page:

Concerning to:
# Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 MP1 (build
# Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 (version

With Mozilla Firefox browser installed and Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 running on your PC Internet pages cannot be viewed. Reasons of such behaviour might be incorrect settings of the Firewall component in Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0. In order Mozilla Firefox would function correctly, it is recommended to configure the Firewall component:

* open Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0
* click Settings > select Firewall
* on the right side in the Filtration system section make sure the slider is NOT set to Block All (if so change the filtration level by making it lower).
* click Settings in Filtration system section
* go to the Rules for applications tab. If there is an entry for firefox.exe, select it and click Delete
* click Add > Browse
* select the Firefox setup folder. By default this folder is C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
* select the firefox.exe file
* click Open > Template > select Mozilla Firefox
* Click OK three times
* close the application window

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