sending invitation to events using Thunderbird+Lightning 0.7

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I am using Thunderbird (portable) with Lightning 0.7.

I am trying to create a an event and send invitation to attendees. I create a new event, add attendees and when I want to check the "send attendees invitation via email" checkbox it is grayed out.

I am using a Google Calendar via "Provider for Google Calendar v0.3.1".

Why is this?

How can it be fixed?

thank you


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As far as I know the extension doesn't support this because the Google Calendar sends emails itself.

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Hello .... Same problem

I am using Thunderbird and Lightning with Google calender that is shared.
Is there any other option to solve this issue?
We are working with Google calender and we would like to send invitations through my usual mail and not through Google?
Does some one know any other solutions?



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It's a bit of a PITA but what I've done is created a local calendar which I use solely for creating events where I intend on inviting participants. I create the event, add the attendees and select to send the invitation. Once the invitation has been sent I edit the event, removing the invitees and moving it to the google calendar of my choice. Not the greatest method, but it works for now.

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I've run into this problem as well. I don't think this has been implemented yet according to the FAQ on Lightning.

I did notice that when you add invitees, the Google Calendar does pick up the invitees, but it doesn't send the invite. Go check the entries you made, and see if you have the same situation. If so, I'm sure they're working on it.

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I have the same issue, I am using

Lightning 0.8
Provider for Google Calendar 0.4

Sending invitations to emails I enter does not work, because "send attendees invitation via email" checkbox it is grayed out.

So using Lightning to create appointments and send them to participants is useless, I have to use Google Calendar in my browser. Have I missed something, or is this issue a real one and cannot be solved?
Is there an alternative to using Google Calendar with a windows based email/calendar client?




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see bug 428167 and this thread in the newsgroup. You can enable invitations by setting the preference = true
(this always sends invitations on updates and additions). Please also see bug 407961 and bug 400808 for side-effects.

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Thanks bvdbos,

I found it, now the send attendees invitation Button ist not grayed out, and I am able to send an ICS File.
I will check for side effects and see if it works out for my purpose.
However this Information was very helpfull.

Does some one know if there is a chance that this invitation issue with GCalendar might get solved anytime soon, maybe with ThunderBird 3.0?

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Hi guys, Now here's the question.

I have 7 accounts in my thunderbird. If I want to send an event invite, how will I change the email account from which I want to send the event invite?
Sometimes I want to send the event invite through "A" sometimes using "B".

I searched a lot but couldn't find any option to change the sending email address.

Quick response will be highly appreciated.

Waqas Ali
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Please check the date/s before posting to these old threads.
Start a new one coz this ones getting locked.
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