Crossing off days in Sunbird?

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Something that I've been wanting to see added to Sunbird (or as an Add-On) has been the ability to cross off finished days with an "X" or something else akin to using a real calendar. Here's is a rough WIP of what this could possibly look like:


Just wondering if this is actually possible in any way. Thanks.


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Post Posted February 14th, 2008, 1:48 pm

Hi, there is currently some work done in Bug 416802 that will allow to change the styling for past or future days separately. For example past days could get a different background color. Maybe it would be possible to achieve something like in your screenshot using the correct CSS magic, e.g. by setting a background image. Unfortunately this won't happen before the Sunbird 0.9 release.

This is what it could look like. The screenshot shows the result of the patch from the bug mentioned above, a quick-and-dirty handmade semi-transparent image and a few lines of userChrome.css rules.

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