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We are using the latest firefox and trying to use it on a vista laptop which is on the domain.
I have used a custom group policy object on our domain server to set the firefox proxy settings for all users.

But the group policy doesn't seem to apply the settings, I don't know if this is a issue with vista or a issue with the ADM file.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and how they have got around it.

All I need to do is set the default firefox settings for all users and then lock them so users cannot change these settings.


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Neither nor i think. Firefox uses its own settings in the firefox profile in the windows user profiles.

Some info: ... Deployment

There is no need to lock the proxy settings in a correctly configured network.
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"correctly configured network"

That depends on your definition of correctly configured. I'd like to keep all ports open if possible to keep support issues to a minimum.


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I love this quote
"I'd like to keep all ports open if possible to keep support issues to a minimum"
that's the equivalent to running all programs or letting a stranger 'borrow' your wallet.
any decent admin knows to restrict ports, since you are the one that's meant to know what's running on your users pc's,
you are the one responsible for downtime and loss of data when you get hit by a worm one of your users downloads, and ends up corrupting all your network drives.

in retrospect to reduce what your users can do will keep problems at a minimum.

and FYI there is a firefox GPO, check out:

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