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having some problems with the speed in which firefox/mozilla resolves hosts in linux. I noticed this problem and after searching found other people having this same problem and no one seems to have a fix or know what it is causing it.

Put simply, firefox takes at least 10 to 20 times longer to resolve a host, sometimes much longer. Other browsers (Opera, Konquerer, Netscape) all resolve the same hosts fine and very quick. I can firefox, type in a url, for example, then open konquerer type in and konquerer has the page copmleted loaded and displayed before firefox displays anything (in fact firefox usually still has resolving displayed on the status bar.) I have disabled all firewall IDS stuff to make sure that is not an issue. Here is a thread in the user support forum with other people describing the problem:

And another link to a thread describing the problem and a suggested reason for the probel having something to do with firefox trying to do a reverse lookup on the ip address of the website.

Anyone know anything about this problem and if it has been submitted?


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If you're having the problem with only some sites, I'd guess you have IPv6 enabled in your kernel and are encountering bug 68796. Either remove IPv6 support from your Linux kernel or update to a nightly build.

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Well, the problem is on most sites, but some load without a problem at all ( for example). The only thing is I have IPV6 <i>support</i> enabled in my kernel, but the actual driver (ipv6.o i think) is not loaded. The only thing is, I downloaded a recent nightly, one that several people told me is stable and with that bug you mentioned fixed, but the problem still occurs.

I am still not sure if it is IPv6 related or not, but it is a possiblity. It would seem if it is, then it is a different bug then the one you suggest since it is still occuring . Most big name sites are slow loaders and they would all most likely be configured for ipv6 and also sites such as (which have barely any images on the site but are alos ipv6 enabled) are also slow loaders. Seems that ipv6 could be part of the problem, only it is not taken care of by the bug you mention.

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