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Default (tabbed) browser

Post by adembaba »

Hi all,

One of the reasons why I switched from IE was the fact that
Phoenix had tabs (among other superior features).

But, when I assign Phoenix as my default broser, any link I click
elsewhere opens up an *new* instance of Phoenix, irrespective
of whether there is already one open.

I would like Phoenix to check if there is already running instance,
and if yes, just create a new tab in the existing instance.

Is this not possible?

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Deacon Brodie
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Post by Deacon Brodie »

Use the TBE extension and set it to single-window mode - now all new windows will be opened as new tabs.
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TBE Extension

Post by G-man »

Can you provide more detail on using the TBE extension. Where is it? How do I set it? etc.
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Post by revford »

You can get it from here: ... Extensions

There are lots of extensions to Phoenix adding extra functions, have a klook down the list, you may find some more helpfile ones.
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