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Post Posted April 7th, 2003, 5:29 am

<dt>bug 166522<dd> - Warning to use other browser

<dt>bug 74835<dd>marking thread/all read needs to invalidate collapsed thread(s) having unread children
<dt>bug 90010<dd>mozilla on the s390 tracking bug
<dt>bug 122199<dd>Folder window: root container is not set to the folder (was Manage bookmarks function "new folder" misplaces the new folder)
<dt>bug 124336<dd>kilobyte should be abbreviated "KB", not "K"
<dt>bug 168853<dd>Inconsistent capitalization of "Threads With Unread" menu item
<dt>bug 180841<dd>Some GTK2 embedding specific code not #ifdef'ed and crashing GTK1 embedding
<dt>bug 191171<dd>Move mailnews start page to chrome://<br>* Perhaps this one should be more noteworthy than I'm making it.
<dt>bug 192084<dd>cannot assign multiple classes to elements
<dt>bug 193712<dd>Text and highlight colours don't translate rgb in css mode
<dt>bug 194945<dd>Caret isn't present when toggling to a composer window
<dt>bug 195148<dd>XPInstall API's getFolder should support Classic and OSX folders under OSX
<dt>bug 195298<dd>Make pldhash take const PLDHashTableOps*
<dt>bug 195888<dd>Problems when dialogs launch help
<dt>bug 196563<dd>View > Page Source disable if document contains unsupported plug in (flash)
<dt>bug 198479<dd>IFrame doesn't hide when setting visibility:hidden (breaks Midas demo)
<dt>bug 199683<dd>AIX: Preedit string is not highlighted properly
<dt>bug 200223<dd>nsIURILoader::openURIVia is not implemented and seems pointless
<dt>bug 200780<dd>nsFontMetricsGTK::gSpecialCharSets leaks atoms
<dt>bug 200971<dd>nsConnectionEntry is leaked

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