Adding or Editing an Address Book

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Adding or Editing an Address Book

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For the past one or more updates, adding or editing a contact on an address book has been very difficult. This is due to the window for this now runs off of the screen on the right, providing just a portion of each field, and not displaying an OK to Submit button that I can find. I now enter the Name (Display) and email and hit enter to add a contact, as I cannot find any opt ion button to save the update. It used to be much easier, when it was an actual window that could be moved and sized as desired to complete this task, instead of having it locked to the right with half of the fields off the screen.
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Re: Adding or Editing an Address Book

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Are you using the table layout? That option would give you more space.

i.e. Address Book > List display options > [check] Table layout

Screenshot ... er-1591112


You can reduce the min width of the address book pane using the userContent.css file.

* <profile folder>\chrome\userContent.css

Code: Select all

/* Thunderbird userContent.css */

@-moz-document url-prefix("about:addressbook") {
  body {
    --address-book-pane-min-width: 120px !important; /* default 240px */
Remember to set the toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets preference to true, then restart.


How to open address book tab in a new window:

* open address book tab
* right click address book tab, then click "Move to New Window" menu item in popup

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