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Hi everyone,

recently I have noticed that less and less sites react positively to Seamonkey.
I wonder why that is. Irrespectively to any settings in HTTP Networking, icons in forum softwares (such as for "latest entry") are not shown, unread posts in forums do not show.
The latest, and worst, experience was that PayPal was not opening correctly - I was repeatedly presented with a Captcha tickbox, but no other window opened. Embarrasingly, the vendor was sent a message that I had paid, which was not the case.

Until recently Youtube did not work unless Firefox comkpatibility was advertised, and as much as I saw in the Seamonkey forum, Youtube was blamed for not accepting the Seamonkey identification.

Obviously, Seamonkey has continuous problems in dealing with scripts on websites.

Neither problem occurs with Firefox.
I must say that I cannot understand these striking differences in the functionalities of the browsers. When, in ancient times, I started to use Mozilla, later Seamonkey, there was never any talk of the standalone browser differing in function from the one in the suite.
I cannot understand why I, as a user, should embark on a mission to try and somehow master these problems. Why the hell don't they make Seamonkey work as any browser would? Why the difference in construction and functionality and identification? Hey, as much as I know Firefox comes from the same people, doesn't it?

One of the reasons I am using this software is that I don't want to support the big players' browsers for various reasons such as security problems etc. But at the moment I am forced into using those, and I really think that now, after almost 30 years, the usability of Seamonkey is at an end if the project is incapable of keeping up with the pace websites are redeveloping.

What do you think of these issues? Have you experienced the same? What is your solution?

(from Germany. Windows 10. Seamonkey 2.53.16)

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I have no answers for you but if you want to see some previous discussions about these issues and other peoples' experiences and perspectives, then take a look at this now-locked thread, " viewtopic.php?f=3&t=3071978 ".

One minor point that I can answer is that Firefox and SeaMonkey do not come "from the same people." Even though they might have a shared history from a long time ago they are now completely different browsers being developed and maintained by two different groups of people. Firefox essentially has an organization for its support, while SeaMonkey is largely being carried forward by a very small number of volunteers.


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Thank you for the insights, I was not aware of these facts.
Unfortuantely, this ensues dark prospects. If there are only few developers, plus they are volunteers, this means that there is a limited amount of resources to keep Mozilla up to the required standards of websites.
Maybe I have to say goodbye after all and choose another browser.
Too bad.

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YouTube does not like SeaMonkey or Pale Moon, but it works with them if I use a user-agent override claiming to be Firefox 60.

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