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When I receive an invitation message from MS Outlook I get a meeting.ics file as an attachment. It also create an event in built-in calendar (Lightning). The meeting.ics file can contain some attributes which are not available in calendar. For example Skype/MS Teams URL:
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How I can read it (or click it in case of URL) directly in Thunderbird? Is there an add-on? Now I must save the meeting.ics attachment to a file and open it in text editor to get the URL.

Please note that this is a copy of StackOverflow ticket where nobody answers:


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I have the same issue.

From the tests I've made, all invitations sent from Outlook are integrated - when accepted - in the calendar WITHOUT the description... and the description typically contains the agenda of the meeting and the link for the visio conf...

To me this is a recent bug as I am using TB for years and never encounter this before.

W10 with TB 78.8.0


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Yes, looks like bug 1666296 has reappeared, at least in TB91.5.0 (64 bits)

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