Sync is not syncing

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Sync is not syncing

Post by firelinefiend »

I recently went from one older Android phone to a brand new one. Many of my settings and other things weren't transferred, including Firefox, which I consider a top priority.

After reading that Sync was the solution, I went in on Firefox on the old phone, where all of the tabs and passwords are stored, and signed up for Sync.

Went back to the new phone, signed in successfully. Hours later, still at zero tabs and no stored passwords.

How do I get Sync to actually...Sync? It does nothing. I can login hundreds of times and it still does nothing. The old phone has to be returned for trade-in value and meanwhile, I can find no way of recovering Firefox. Because I don't want to add new things that will be overwritten if Sync ever does decide to work, I'm stuck using the default browser on the phone, which is awful, nothing at all like Firefox.

I do have Sync on this and 2 other computers and it works fine (different Sync account than the phone account).

Thank you.
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Re: Sync is not syncing

Post by Osazuwa »

If you have signed up for firefox sync on your old and new phone and you are not seeing your browsing data synced between tge devices, try these:
1. Make sure you are using thesame firefox account on both devices.
2. Make sure you have selected the data you want to sync.
3. Force a manual sync.on both devices, go to setting and select "sync" then "sync now" to force a manual sync.
4. Wait for tge sync to complete. It may take time depending on the amount od data being sync.
5. Restart firefox on both devices
6. If non of these approach works, consider disconnecting and reconnecting your devices to firefox sync.
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Re: Sync is not syncing

Post by Lotesdelere »

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Re: Sync is not syncing

Post by dickvl »

Do you have a desktop device connected to that same Firefox account ?

You can install the About Sync extension in desktop Firefox to check what data is stored on the Sync server.
Close and restart Firefox to access the about:sync page added by this extension.
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Re: Sync is not syncing

Post by Synthezoid »

Near as I can tell, "Sync" is just a menu entry and set of UI elements that do not actually do anything. It certainly does not let you sync your FF settings or installation to FF on another machine. I just wasted a whole afternoon thinking there must be some way to get it to do that. It does not.
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