Logitech unifying software not supported

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Logitech unifying software not supported

Post by antonsvideo »

I am unable to connect new keyboard or mouse via my default browser Firefox 116.0.3 64bit but it works fine with Chrome and Edge
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Re: Logitech unifying software not supported

Post by DanRaisch »

It's not up to the browser to support particular hardware but the hardware maker to support the most popular browsers. Add to that the fact that the system I am responding from is running Logitech Unifying software to access the M510 mouse and Illuminated Keyboard so apparently it can work with Firefox in some configurations.

Have you confirmed that you are running the latest version of Firefox and the latest version of the Logitech software? Does the same issue exist if you launch the application in Mozilla Troubleshooting Mode? http://kb.mozillazine.org/Safe_mode
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Re: Logitech unifying software not supported

Post by Rocketman »

(Rather late to this post) I'm also running Logitech Unifying software with a M510 mouse with no real issues with Firefox. Been using it for many years. Any messages about incompatibility would likely be coming from your OS, not Firefox. If I recall correctly, Logitech said the software/mouse is incompatible with my OS Win 11. It still works.
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Re: Logitech unifying software not supported

Post by therube »

I believe the OP is speaking about the website itself, https://logiwebconnect.com/, not anything to do with KB hardware or KB related software on ones computer.

The site does state, "Supported browsers: Chrome, Edge & Opera latest versions." - so in other words, Chrome.

That said call Logitech & tell them that since they do not support your browser, you will not support their hardware, & return your KB & buy ... some other brand, instead.

They won't care, but it might make you feel better :-).
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