Low Vision ideas

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Low Vision ideas

Post by write_again »

There is a growing number of users, that can use
SEAMOKEY easier than they can sue FIREFOX. Those with
low vision.

While eye glasses and magnifiers can help, those with
macular degeneration and other problems suffer with
images and words changing, and appearing as gray instead of
black lettering.

So, if anyone wants to attempt a low vision theme of FIREFOX
here are some vision tips to consider.

Tahoma and Arial typefaces are easier to read.
White lettering on black is difficult for many
to see. (Remember the flack when Microsoft turned off the
feature in WIN7 that changed the color of the start screen?)
Having black type on light green, light blue or yellow is
better than black on pure white. (Don't forget the drop
down menus.) Black lettering on white is readable, but
often the letters appear to shake.

The icons on FIREFOX are just outlines. These appear to
be lettering to people with low vision. If the icons
were colored in, it would be easier to see. The arrows for
reload previous and next are almost invisible. If they were
within a square of a contrast color, they would be more viewable.

The "File Edit View History" etc. sit on a bar
that occupies ⅕ of the task bars. The lettering has room
to be larger.

In SEAMONKEY each of the five bars can be hidden. This
is great when you find that common page that has the
text far above the click buttons. With low vision, the
page needs to be reduced to get at the click buttons
because there is no scroll feature on the page. IF
the task bars could be hidden, a nearly blind guy could
do this.

If anyone does attempt a theme with those tips, save
as "Low Vision Blue" or "Low Vision Green" or some name
with "low vision" in the name.

With SEAMONKEY being incompatible with online vidoeo and
shopping sites, (Safeway, parts of CVS site, parts of
Walmart site, etc.) we struggle more with other browsers.
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Re: Low Vision ideas

Post by therube »

For me, FF "themes" - all built-in, & any that I found on AMO, were all pitiful.
Had a terrible time seeing, differentiating, on my end (Win7, "classic" [XP] look).

So I "created":

It aint' beautiful, but it is sure BETTER.

(While is was "easy" to do, what you need to do to use it is absolutely absurd.
First I went to "some site" that allowed me to create a "theme".
And I could even save it.
[I did this in a new Profile, not wanting to bugger up my existing Profile until I had a feel for what I was doing.]
And it let me save this "theme" - which I did.
But, guess what!!! This "saved" theme, I could then NOT load into my other Profile [& I'm like WHAT?!!!].

So then I come across this extension that did similar. Allowed me "create" a theme, & that was fine.
And then I was like, OK, now that I've done that, I can just copy it into my regular Profile & I'll b done.


This "theme" is not "mine". It is a collaboration between the extension & me. So in any Profile that I want to use "my" theme, I have to first install this extension in order for it to be "there".
["There". As everything in FF is now "obscured" - for our safety, I'm not quite sure just where "there" is.]

Anyhow, the process is an abomination [to say the least].)
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Re: Low Vision ideas

Post by PennsyNut »

First, my vision is not bad, just not good. So, 1> large monitor. Mine is 23", I also have 21", for emergency? 2> I go full screen, using f11. Any web site, I zoom in to as large as I can and still see almost everything. And, zoom in on specific things/pictures for example. Also, make fonts as large as I need/when possible.
There's one web site that I can enlarge so much, the letters are twice the size of this. You can also experiment with color. Yellow on black or other dark color. In fact, I can zoom in on this.
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