What info to give if you have a problem with Seamonkey.

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What info to give if you have a problem with Seamonkey.

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Instead of the ...

'OK so ive an issue with SeaMonkey, what gives huh?'

...type question often asked in SeaMonkey Support, the following is a list of information that would be 'useful' to have right at the start, instead of being slowly extracted like teeth from you.

Apart from anything else, giving full information shows that you have put some effort in to fix your own problem and so acts as an incentive to others to do the same.

So -

#0.5. What version of SeaMonkey are you are using? If you are also spoofing your UA (useragent) either generally or on specific sites, then what to UA and what method are you using? (if you don't know what useragent means, then you're not doing this spoofing)

#0.8. What Operating System are you using SeaMonkey on?

#1. What happened in SafeMode? (Menu>Help>Restart with Addons Disabled) http://kb.mozillazine.org/Safe_mode

#2. What happened when you tried a new, clean, additional profile? http://kb.mozillazine.org/Creating_a_ne ... on_Windows
(Procedure is the same in SeaMonkey as Firefox and takes 5 mins to do)

#3. Name of theme (if any) in use at the time of the issue.

#4. List of (if any) all extensions (Menu>Help>Troubleshooting Info shows a copyable list, but only post the extension name and version.)

#5. List a summary (if any) of any changes to userChrome.css and userContent.css that you may have done.

#6. List any about:config changes you've made that you think may be relevant.

#7. If you have a problem with some websites, then list them along with links to them.

#8. Details of your AntiVirus.

#9. State how much RAM your PC has, especially with memory type issues.

#10. If relevant, give details about changes you have made in Preferences, i.e. tab loading, cookies, location bar, proxy, etc.

Do the above and, in my experience, your problem stands a very good chance of being solved.

Frank :)
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Re: What info to give if you have a problem with Seamonkey.

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#0 Check if you're running latest SeaMonkey: compare "Menu -> Help -> About SeaMonkey" with this website: